Saturday, 4 October 2014

Raspberry keytone plus and Colon cleanse

It doesn't seem to matter how much I want to lose weight, I - along with so many others - just seem to go through a cycle of weightloss / weightgain and while I'm no heavier than I was several months ago I'm also no lighter.
I've been running lately hoping by some miracle it will be enough to drop 2 stone overnight but guess isn't! Who knew!!!
Our holiday to Mexico is now just 7 weeks away, I've put off buying nice clothes for it just in case I miraculously lose weight and need a smaller size. It sounded like a good plan at the time but summer is now over and all the shops have their winter range of clothes in store and I'm now left hoping and praying I can still get into the clothes currently sitting in my wardrobe that I haven't worn since our last holiday almost 2 years ago. Some things never change I guess.

I've never been one to buy into weightloss pills that promise extreme weightloss in less than a month and those fat binding pills available from the doctor really do not interest me either - oh, the horror stories I've read about those.
So I was a little surprised that I found myself ordering a bottle of Raspberry Keytone plus and a bottle of Colon cleanser from 'Evolution slimming'

We've all heard about Raspberry keytones right? We've heard all the rave reviews and claims that it's the supplement all the stars are using?
Well I decided nothing ventured, nothing gained, I'll give them a go and see how they work for me. Obviously they're not a miracle cure for obesity, diet and exercise also has to play a part but I figured they were a gentle enough supplement that wouldn't result in desperate dashes to the loo to eliminate all that fat that the body can't process from using some of those other weight loss pills.
Well I was sort of right and also sort of wrong:

Day 2 of the Raspberry Keytones and the Colon Cleanse (yes, I did just say day 2) and I found just how quick they are to work. The day I started them hubby and I decided we would make the 2 hour trip to Inverness the next day so I decided not to take the night time Colon Cleanse tablets 'just in case'. We got up at 5am and I took 2 Colon Cleanse tablets as instructed and took the Keytones with me to have before breakfast. Within 30 minutes of driving to Inverness my bowels weren't just moving they were making the most awful noises and 40 minutes into the drive I was feeling really uncomfortable and experiencing wave after wave of needing to use the loo. As each wave died down I would be relieved only to find it start up again a few minutes later - I never use public loos so the thought of having to go was making me feel really anxious too.
After 1.5 hours we made it to Morrisons supermarket for a loo break - damn thing was shut! I couldn't believe I would have to wait another 30 minutes and use Inverness train station loos - by this point my bum cheeks were screaming in agony from all the clenching!
At several points I honestly feared I would have to use a field and wet wipes - oh the shame!
We finally make it to Inverness and thankfully it was still early morning so there were hardly any people milling about and absolutely no one in the loos - this was a blessing not just for me but for all those that could have witnessed a mass evacuation.
Once the deed was done I hightailed it out of the station and never looked back. Instead of lingering around Inverness as we usually would do we hit 2 shops, the bank and then came straight home - just in time for the next wave of colon cleansing!
Last night was spent making trips to the loo and trying to cope with awful stomach cramps.
I'd almost decided to stop taking the colon cleanse, instead I have lowered the dose to 1 tablet twice a day just for today and then I will resume normal doseage - I just won't be able to leave the home while I'm on them.
Apparantly this bowel movement is normal behaviour at the beginning of the course so anyone thining of taking these needs to be aware of this and know how they can work around it.
As for the Raspberry keytones, well I won't know until weigh day on Monday whether they have helped with any weightloss but I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed.