Blog list

This is where I will put links to all those inspirational blogs that I find as I go through this weightloss journey. I'm sure by the time I have met my goal weight this is going to be quite a lengthy list - if you would like me to include your blog here just pop an email over to me and I'll take a look and then get a link up here for you - but no adult themed blogs please ONLY weightloss and exercise blogs.

'Runs for Cookies' - Katies amazing weightloss and running story. Total inspiration!
'Carly Shrinks' - Carly's journey of losing 100+lbs and training for a half marathon.
'Living after 30' - Jennifer's weightloss journey.
'Fattytofitty' - Lindsays weightloss blog.
'From Fat to Finish Line' - Jens totally awesome and inspiring weightloss and running blog.
'Running? Really, what was I thinking?' - Running & weightloss journey blog.
'Asmall loss' - Marys journey to lose 210 lb.
'Fat Girl running' - Inspirational running blog.
'The Hungry Runner Girl' - It's rude to count people as you pass them...out loud!
'Not much of a runner' - Hilarious, just.............hilarious!
'My Altered Perception' - Kristinas journey.
'Fit bottomed girls' - Keeping a lid on the junk in the trunk

'Slimming World UK' - Fabulous healthy eating plan.
'Minimins' - Amazing recipe forum for every eating plan.


  1. I'm so excited to have made your list!!! Thanks so much for following me! I'm adding you to my google reader so I can follow you along your journey!

    1. That's great and you're welcome! I intend to add blogs here that I find inspirational, motivational or just down right funny to help myself and any others along the way.
      Weightloss is so difficult so it's important to spread the word about those blogs we find that help us.
      And as I loved your blog, I added it. lol.

      Take care

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