About me

I am 40 years old and moved to the Scottish Highlands 9 years ago with my husband Wayne and our twin daughters Leanne & Stacey.
Wayne & I married almost 22 years ago and our daughters arrived on the scene 21 years ago - didn't hang about did we!

This is myself and Wayne just before marriage and kids - my, we look thrilled and jolly don't we!

And here's our 2 gorgeous girls

We are an animal loving family and currently have 4 dogs - a Great Dane, a GSD, a Cairn terrier type and a Shih Tzu.
My daughters and hubby also have various birds of prey - 2 European Eagle owl, 2 Harris Hawks, 1 Barn owl, 1 Buzzard and 1 Great Horned owl.

Anyways, the point of this blog is to moan blog about my current fight against the flab.
I was always a skinny kid/teenager/young lady and could pretty much eat anything without putting an ounce on BUT I was a very active person.
From a young kid I would roam for miles in search of horses, then at at the age of 12 my parents bought me a pony they could ill afford simply to "know where I was" (though I did not appreciate their sacrifice at the time).
As a teenager I ice skated alot too so on top of horse riding and walking or cycling miles just to get to my pony I was very active.
I left school intending to go to Art school (my only sedentary passion) but instead went off to work with Hunters and Eventers (Horses of course!) at Newstead Abbey in Nottinghamshire. Again, this meant I was very active as I cycled the several miles to work and back everyday.
A back injury meant I had to give the job up though - gutted doesn't come close to how I felt - and after a few weeks break I got a job at a Racing yard exercising the horses.
Unfortunately this was very short lived as my previous back injury just could not stand up to the task of riding a jockey position so I went to work in a factory as an overlocker. After years of outdoor life this factory work was just mind numbing so being a flaky young adult I gave it up and competed against my sister for a job in the Goldshop in Nottingham - I won! However my reasoning for wanting the job was far from needing the wage (though I really did), it was because I fancied the owner. On the first morning of my new job I found out he was actually  married with kids and so the flaky me left at dinner time and never went back - I look back now and cringe!
Finally I got another factory job as a Bartacker and I loved it, but (gotta be  a but huh) my sister also had a job there and we constantly failed to turn up and so they sacked us (the excuses we came up with were just too OTT to even mention - too embarrassed). I was offered my job back as I was apparantly very good at tacking on those belt loops to jeans but I refused cos they wouldn't reinstate my sister!
If my daughters did half the crap I did...............................

So how did I end up so fat if I was so skinny all my life?
Well for years I blamed pregnany - seriously, 20 years later and I was still blaming having kids for the reason I weighed 5 stone more than I should.
It's only been the last year or so that I have had to evaluate my relationship with food and I've concluded that it's seriously baaaaaaad.
I am a serious Chocoholic. I love sweets and I love chips and runny egg - all good stuff eh!
Not one day goes by when I do not eat sweets. Food makes up pretty much 90% of all my daily thoughts and the thought of not eating goodies at night while curled up on the sofa just makes me panic.
I seriously live to eat!
It's taken me years to admit that stuff to myself so now it's down to me to work it out and get this excess weight off.
Plans are afoot!

This is me now

I say those are pictures of me 'now' but I haven't got any recent pictures of me as I refuse to have my photograph taken - I'm the one who takes the pictures!

In 2010 I started running and entered a local 10k.
I hated every aspect of running and as I wasn't particularly watching my diet I wasn't really losing weight so running was very difficult.
Eventually I ran another 10k the same year (both slow times) and then gave up.
I ran on and off in 2011 but I'm a very negative person and I hated myself for not being able to run the distance I could the year before and I also hated running alone. On top of that I still hated running!!

This year one of my daughters signed up for the Lock Ness 10k with me to help motivate me into losing weight and getting fit.
Last year I joined Slimming World and lost 1 &1/2st but put most of it back on so I really needed the incentive.
Our training has finally begun in earnest and I'm back at Slimming World so I figured a blog would be the perfect opportunity to track my progress and interact with all the other bloggers out there who are in the same situation as myself.

So Skinny Girl, where art thou?


  1. Hi there,
    I came across your blog and was immediately drawn to it and thought wow, small world! As you're living in the Highlands and lived in Nottingham before and I'm the other way round! I think it's great that you keep up the running despite not seeming to like it 100%. And having goals for your holiday and beyond is really good too. Keep up the good work, reading different blogs is inspiring me to keep going with the healthy changes I'm trying to make. :)

  2. It certainly is a small world. have to admit I do miss Nottingham as my family are still down there but I do love the open space up here and slower pace of life.
    Running is not easy for me! I really do not like it but I need to do it.:)

    Good luck with your weightloss journey. I am a follower of your blog so I'll keep popping by.