Monday, 19 November 2012

I get there.....................eventually!

So after all my previous promises that I am getting my arse in gear and will be exercising properly and eating properly - in other words, exercising like a flea on speed and eating like a tortoise - I have finally done it! Got my arse in gear that is!

Today was/is the day.
My body is now a temple.

OK so maybe that's overdoing it slightly, I mean no way am I am going to resist some goodies but today I finally started my diet and exercise programme.
This mornings workout consisted of P90X 'Chest & Back' which I know is gonna buuuuuuuurn later on and that was followed by 'Ab Ripper X', which happens to be very aptly named.
I chose ARX cos I hate crunches, they are amazingly boring and always strain the base of my spine. There are NO crunches in ARX, yay!  However do not let that fool you cos Tony Horton has you doing stuff that you always thought impossible. In fact they ARE impossible! Well, for me they are anyways - for now!
Tomorrow is gonna be an Insanity workout. Wow have I missed those workouts. I know they screwed with my knees but sod it, I miss the workout and the other workouts such as 'Turbo Fire' just do not float my boat.
My plan is to mix up P90X with Insanity for the next however many weeks till I go on holiday and hopefully - fingers crossed - some of those summer clothes will fit me again. If not I'm going on holiday naked cos I refuse to buy any more 'fat' clothes!

So this is me for the next 9 some weeks.