Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Nutribullet - recipes so far have been awful.

I have finally accepted that shopping channels lie! I bet most of y'all got there some time ago but I so want to believe that products sold are exactly as described on TV and work exactly as they claim.
This brings me to the 'Nutribullet'. After my second attempt with the 'Vitamix' I watched the 'Nutribullet' commercials and after speaking to my mum who has one I decided to bite the bullet (pardon the pun) and buy one as a cheaper alternative to the Vitamix.
Now I can watch the 'Nutribullet' commercials and see them in a whole different light, there is no way that the ingredients he makes those juices with taste as good as what he and the female presenter make out - in fact the female is seen to be making Mmmmmm noises before the liquid has even touched her mouth.
I've tried a huge amount of variants with these juices and the best one has been a concoction that I could actually manage to drink as long as I held my nose and didn't taste it until I'd finished, while there have been one or two that have literally made me gag.
All those fruits and veggies that you love to eat taste absolutely foul when they're mushed up!
So I'm now left with making virgin Pina Colada and Banana ice cream which tasted amazing and totally surprised me cos it tasted foul in the 'Vitamix'.

I'll keep trying though. All I need is one or two juice or smoothie recipes that I can tolerate and that doesn't smell or taste like something the dog threw up!

I want to be drinking something that looks like this

While in reality THIS is what everything seems to look like and yes, it tastes as disgusting as it looks


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