Monday, 20 July 2015

this dieting crap is crap

I think the absolute lack of blogging speaks for itself when it comes to how the "diet" is going - basically, it isn't.
I returned from a couple of weeks in the sun full of good intentions - that vitamin D has a lot to answer for - and it did start out well. All rubbish went out the fridge and cupboards replaced by loads of cut fruit and veg, I weighed myself and even told my hubby what the damage was (I have never in 25 years of marriage divulged that information to him).
So what was the damage? Well, certainly not the 220 lb I expected thankfully but still not good at 214lb.
I actually thought I'd done well in the first week so was initially shocked at a 1lb gain. But then I had to take a realistic look at what I'd eaten and although my meals were very healthy I'd been to the cinema twice and had been out for an Indian meal, suddenly that gain wasn't a shock.
I haven't weighed myself this second week yet as I forgot today but tbh I expect a gain.

Today I started insanity again! I'm feeling a tad more determined this time to see this one through because I really do miss it when I'm not doing it and this time I want to see results for my efforts.
So today was fit test day and while before I would have knocked myself for results that I consider not to be good enough but now I'm just seeing them as room for improvement - so here they are.

Switch kicks - 71
Power jacks - 30
Power knees -59
Power jumps - 19
Globe jumps - 6
Suicide jumps - 9
Push up jacks - 11
Low side oblique - 39

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