Wednesday, 19 September 2012


That's how I've been feeling for ages now.............. Blah!
Winter is just around the corner and yet we've had no real summer to stock up those vitamin levels to see us through those cold winter days ahead!
Lucky for me we're off to jamaica in January with friends for our first holiday in about 4 years - the house building had to take priority. Have to say I am really looking forward to some sun and a different change of scenery, plus seeing our friends who we've not really seen since our last holiday with them.

There's always a 'but' though isn't there!
Guess who doesn't want to feel like a fat pleb basking on Jamaicas beaches. I certainly don't fancy being mistaken for a beached whale neither!
I've kinda got stuck in a diner on my road to weightloss and tbh I'm sick of telling myself and everyone else that tomorrow will be different - denial or what! All it does is make me feel better while I'm tucking into that bar of chocolate - yes, the stuff I managed to give up for o so long!
Problem is the doors appear to be locked on the diner and I can't find the blasted key to get out and walk in the sun again - it's all so bloody sad!
And yet The Black Dog isn't snapping or even growling at the moment - I'm a tad confuddled!

Insanity is still my daily workout. I'm repeating last week because I am not happy that I had to miss 4 workouts, even though this week should be recovery week before starting month 2. Problem is though I have this 10k run next week and I need to do Insanity to get me through so I don't want to take a recovery next week either.
You would think it wouldn't matter wouldn't you? BUT I have to admit that we have done next to no training for this 10k whatsoever - I hate running! However we want to complete it none the less - besides we want our goody bag and medal lol. So I'm hoping Insanity will see me through (both the workout and my state of mind) and my daughter is fit anyways.
Hmmmmmmm, could be an ugly run me thinks. 

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