Friday, 21 September 2012

To cheer you up!

Don't know about the rest of the world but here in the Scottish Highlands it certainly feels as though we skipped Autumn and went straight to Winter - not that we had much of a show from Summer either mind!
So I figured I would cheer y'all up with a photo I took of cut flowers I have been growing in the polytunnel this year :)
How can you not smile when you see these

I got bored with growing veggies this year cos they take too much time so I decided to cut down on veggies and increase the cut flowers. Don't know about you but I absolutely love fresh flowers around the home but my favourites are always so expensive and don't last very long when bought from the shops.
Just a few sweet pea seeds have meant I have been collecting fresh flowers since June and amstill doing so now  :)
I've also increased the Lillies (one of my favourites) and Carnations. They look so lovely freshly cut and mixed with Roses, Montbretia and Hydrangea and best of all they're free.

Not to worry though I haven't spent all my time with my nose in the sweet Peas and Lillies, I have been exercising too - honestly!
Insanity has obviously taken over my mornings for the past 5 weeks and yes I still love it! Amazing really how such an intense, mad workout could motivate me to press play everyday.
I'm really excited about starting the second month next week and a whole load of new even harder workouts :)
I must admit I do swap the Cardio Abs for Ab Ripper X (P90X) though because I prefer ARX - I'm not sure why though.

The Black Dog is happily sleeping in his kennel - yay! And I've even been really enjoying walking the 'real' dogs! It used to be a case of take one, walk as fast as possible, don't look left or right in case we see another dog and get home asap before repeating with the other dog - sooooooo not a nice way to walk the dogs.
Well, my daughter and I have taken them in hand. We're experienced with big dogs but had gotten lazy with their training - it was case of getting the job done asap. Not any longer! We have been taking long, slow, leisurely walks, training them throughout and we now have a Great Dane that doesn't drag us along or jump in the air like Tigger througout the walk and a GSD that no longer sniper walks along attacking anything that looks like it may move. Ahhhhhhh, good times!

So I shall leave you all with happy thoughts xx

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