Saturday, 13 October 2012

I'm a 'weightloss blog' fraud.

Wow, I've been severely absent from blogging for ages haven't I!
I have no excuses really except to say that I feel like a weight loss fraud!  I started this blog with every intention of posting regular updates of my weightloss journey, my dabble in extreme workouts and the odd informative piece thrown in for good measure.
I started off well , as do we all - I posted, I worked out, I checked out other blogs and I interacted - so what went wrong?
Well I found that the more I failed in my weight loss journey the less I enjoyed posting about it, I mean nobody enjoys posting about their failures do they? And anyway even if I did enjoy such self flagulation who would want to read it? I basically got sick of hearing myself explaining - once again - why I hadn't eaten correctly and / or lost weight.

So what do I have to post now that is so different?
Erm nothing actually - sorry! I haven't lost weight - at least I don't think I have ( I haven't weighed myself in weeks) and I'm once again eating the chocolate I managed to wean myself off of.
But the one constant I have found is 'Insanity'. Nope not the mental kind, though granted Insanity does seem to be a requirement of getting through life but I digress, I'm talking the extreme workout, Shaun T kind of Insanity. The very same workout that leaves you in buckets of sweat, hauling your sorry ass off the floor and looking forward to the next days torture - THAT 'Insanity'
At least it had been a constant until last week when I finally had to admit that I needed to rest for a week because the jumps, squats and lunges were more than my poor knee could cope with. I got sick of having to butt slide up and down the stairs and looking like a 90 year old trying to get off the sofa!
So I have a big decision to make!
On Monday my knee will be rested enough to start working out again. I only have 2 weeks left of Insanity (3 weeks if I repeat last weeks miss) but do I do this and risk knackering the knee again or do I change the programme?
I know, I know, it should be an easy decision, who wants pain right? But I love 'Insanity' and I cannot imagine not doing it. This workout has an uncanny ability to hook you and if it wasn't for my knee I would do it over and over again.
So what's the alternative? Well I need the cardio but without the Plyo which tends to involve alot of high jumps in the air (no good for the knee) and I'd also like to include some weights. So, I could do another extreme workout - 'P90X' for weights & Yoga and then include some 'TurboFire' for the cardio.
I'm quite excited about a new challenge but I don't want to let go of Insanity!!! Aaaaaaargh, it's too hard!
OK, as decisions go it's hardly life or death I know and if this is the biggest decision I have to make in life then my life is either boring or ridiculous but I still have to decide...................

I'll let y'all know on Monday what I decide :)


  1. Hey Linda, I really think it's amazing how dedicated you've remained to Insanity- I know it couldn't do it!

    Btw the way I've nominated you for a Liebster Award. If you want to see more about it, there's details on my blog :)

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