Thursday, 21 February 2013


Crikey it really has been over a month since I posted. I feel like such a bad blogger but I do have a reason.
Before we went away to Jamaica in January I was recovering from a cold that I got way back in October. The cold part was long since done with but I get cold induced asthma and for some reason 3 months later I was still struggling to shake it. I could feel my lungs getting stronger by the day but any over exertion or laughing (strangely enough) left me in fits of coughing that would take an age to control and felt like the entire lining of my throat had been stripped.
Jamaica had an amazing effect, I assume it was the humidity (as opposed the cold air here in the Highlands) and when we arrived home my lungs appeared to have fully recovered.
However, less than a week after landing in the UK (5 days to be exact)  I managed to pick up the Flu virus. I thought I'd had Flu many times before but I can honestly say, having had this experience, that I've never suffered from it before.
For 10 days now I have been holed up in bed in excrutiating pain. The Flu itself with it's painful joints and muscles, fever, headaches etc etc has finally passed and I was left with Sinusitis, congestion and a return of the asthma.
Today the sinusitis appears to have abated and painkillers plus a hot water bottle on the face deal with any remaining pain but the real problem for me again is the Asthma. I'm unable to even do simple housework, if I attempt it I'm left in a coughing fit that gets quite scary when it leaves you gagging and unable to catch your breath.
I was supposed to start Slimming World the Thursday after we returned from vacation and I've now had to postpone that twice (I'm determined to make it next Thursday) and I was supposed to start Insanity on the Monday, however there is no way on earth I can even attempt such an extreme workout until I have full lung function back.
Basically I am extremely pee'd off, I feel like a complete invalid and if it wasn't for my husband taking amazing care of me I think I would have sunk into a pit of depression - as it is The Black Dog has only managed the odd snap and snarl late at night when I'm in pain from a coughing fit.

So there we are, I haven't forgotten my blog or the plans I have made to get my weightloss back on track, I'm simply waiting to recover from the Lurgy!

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  1. Glad to see you're back. Hope you make a full recovery soon and good luck with starting Slimming World :)