Sunday, 20 October 2013

Oh dear!

One whole week and no change in my back - a whole week!!!!
The Black dog is sleeping soundly in his kennel though so at least depression is one thing I have under control just now - surprisingly!
Hubby has me on bed rest, honestly it's like being in prison. I'm allowed down for regular walking to stretch my legs and get some fresh air but that's it - I can't go out in the car, I can't potter in the garden and I can't do housework (that's the worst thing ever for me).
Hubby came back from running errands yesterday with a big bag full of magazines (gardening ones too - yay!) and books followed by an even bigger bag of goodies. I don't know what mortified me more, the sight of tins of quality street, chocolate Oranges, midget Gems, cookies etc or the realisation that this is at least a months supply of treats and that's how long I'm stuck here.
Guess I won't even bother doing a final weigh in for Dietbet then! Though hubby did make sure he mixed the sweets up with plenty of fruit too.
My pinterest page is looking very healthy though due to all this spare time I have - though I think I maybe need to stop looking just for now because I have at least 40 projects on my to do list. As well as all the xmas cards, wreaths etc I want to get done I have a whole heap of pallet wood to work with (oh yes, I am a crafter on a huuuuuge scale) though I suspect making this Adirondack chair out of pallet wood may actually be what contributed to this disc problem.
The offending object which has now been painted 'Summer Damson' colour.

Yup I suspect all the cutting, sanding and building of this little beauty is what caused my current condition - shame as I have 3 more to make.

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  1. Linda you poor thing. I started back walking today. Geez it seemed so long ago I was out there. It was a bit tough. But it got done. I hope to do a bit of walk/run next week. Bought the Epson Salts to try soaking the feet in. I'm sure the soreness will start when I start running again.