Saturday, 8 March 2014


I've wanted to get into smotthie making for a while now but I only have a stick blender and the few attempts I made at pulverising fruit were really not what I expected.
I love strawberries but they tasted absolutely foul when blended and I really couldn't get a good ratio when mixed with other fruits - basically I gave up.
Since doing Insanity I've been relying on Lucozade sport to get me through a workout and as much as I love the taste of the drink I'm fully aware that its ingredients aren't exactly desireable when trying to lose weight.
So I've been looking at juicers for some time and as good as some of them look the fact that they extract juice from the skins and pulp which is then discarded has put me off buying one - most of the goodness is in the bits that are discarded.
So what to do? Well a few years ago I bought a Vitamix off QVC for a ridiculous amount of money, the presenters claimed it could make soup, smoothies, ice cream, various milks and much much more. When the machine arrived here I immediately chucked veggies in and made hot soup - flippin eck it was disgusting. It tasted like raw grass.
I was already cheesed off because the machine had taken 2 weeks to arrive and then it only got here because I travelled 100 miles to pick it up, so when the soup tasted foul I quickly wrapped it back up and made QVC come collect it. Boy have I regretted it ever since!
5 years later and I have taken the plunge again, I am now waiting for the arrival of my Vitamix from QVC, excited doesn't quite cover it (insert huge miley face here).

This machine is going to be put through its paces within the money back guarantee time, it won't be going back unless the darned thing breaks on me.
I'm now scouring the net for various recipes. As well as a pre workout smoothie, I'd like to find a recipe that would make a smoothie that would get my husband through the day - he's a builder and refuses to eat all day - so maybe something with oats!

Here's my Vitamix in all its gorgeous glory - oh Vitamix you WILL change my life.

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