Sunday, 8 July 2012

Feeling good.

Lately I've been interested in reading about all the various skin and hair care products you guys use to help combat the stresses we put our skin under during outdoor exercise in all weather conditions.

Today I thought I would start sharing some of the products I use myself but I will do this over a few posts rather than just one enormously long and boring post.
I'll start with facial cleansing today.

As a teenager my skincare routine was nothing short of horrendous. I worked around horses daily and this often caused blocked pores and for some reason soap and water just never left me feeling clean - my skin felt tight but never clean - and I soon realised I had combination skin. That 'T' zone is a real bummer eh ladies!
I hate to admit this but for many years I used Surgical spirit to clean my face! I know, bad huh! But I liked the stinging sensation and honestly believed it was taking all that dirt away - which it was. It was just taking a layer of skin away too. And if I ran out of SS then good old fashioned nail varnish remover was the next step and we're not talking the accetone free ones either.
Eventually I came to my senses and stopped and then for many years I used nothing but water on my face - I am completely shocked that I did not do lasting damage to my skin through those younger years.

For the last few years I have used 3 different products:
For general cleansing through the day I use Distilled Witch Hazel. This is a natural astringent and is fabulous on greasy or combination skin (I wouldn't use it on dry skin) and is brilliant on spots.
This is a cheap product at about £1.79 from superdrug and lasts a long time as you apply it with a cotton swab. Even if you think you're skin is clean this product will find dirt.

Another cheap product I use is Cuticura and I use their Cucumber facial scrub a few times a week and their Cucumber facial wash everytime I bathe or shower.
Both products are about £1 from the Factory shop.
These products have a lovely Cucumber fragrance but it's not overwhelming. The scrub needs a pea size amount and is very gritty. The wash also needs a small amount only and lathers up really really well. My skin always feels clean and refreshed after using these.

Finally, my favourite facial wash of all time is 'Liz earle's Cleanse & polish'.
I only have this product if I've been given it as a gift for xmas or birthdays etc due to the cost of it (about £27) but when I do have it it's the only product I need to use.
The cleanser is used with a muslin cloth and warm water and I have yet to find another product that cleanses and refreshes like 'Cleanse & Polish' does. It leaves no tightness just soft, clean skin and best of all it is for all skin types and can be used around the eyes PLUS it contains all natural ingredients.

So there you have it. These are the products that I use regularly / daily for facial cleansing. I hope it encourages you guys to give them a go if you don't already.


  1. I need to get into a daily facial cleansing routine. I need to find the right products here in the US. I have oily skin.

  2. Kristina I would recommend Liz earle products - they should be available in the US. Her products are all natural ingredients and they are fabulous.