Thursday, 5 July 2012

Oh my!

Been a while since I've posted. I've been kind of feeling sorry for myself because every bone, joint and sinew in my body has been bloomin hurting of late.  In fact I have all the prowess and agility of a 150 year old at the moment.
I'm guessing this has been a Fibromyalgia flare-up and because it's so debilitating the Black Dog takes advantage and has subsequently been biting and snarling away, heck even my meds for Narcolepsy haven't helped and these are supposed to be happy, brain alert pills.
On Monday I physically could not do Insanity and it was the hardest admission I've had to make in a long time - I so wanted to press play!  The problem was my joints and knees but also my lower back, I ususally know how to work around the back pain but I just couldn't do it on Monday.  Tuesday I felt better and managed Insanity fit test and a whole new workout for month 2 (I thought the first month workouts were hard but these new ones had me on the floor within minutes). Wednesday I was still ok but my knee joints were seriously starting to seize again - I was fine walking but sitting down and getting up were impossible.
Today I should have done Insanity recovery but I decided to rest the knees ready for tomorrows workout, I'm not taking chances with these knees because knee problems/replacements are genetic in my family!
So there you go, I feel like shit BUT the Black Dog is back in his kennel courtesy of a lovely day outside in the sunshine doing the gardening (albeit with geriatric movements). He's watchful but at least he's in the damned kennel and I'm looking forward to pressing play tomorrow and being worked to the point of crying - seriously, who knew!

On another note I finally came to a decison about my next insane workout. I was going to  do another round of Insanity but I want to give my knees a break from the high jumping, then I thought of Turbofire and pretty much had settled on that but again that involves alot of knee impact so I finally settled on...........................................P90X.
Yep, the Tony Horton mentally and physically challenging workout that is P90X. I have the workout DVDs ready and will be starting it on approximately 6th August - can't wait!
I've had a quick glance over some of the workouts - I'm going for the Lean option - and at first I was a bit concerned by the lack of Insanity involved lol. Honestly, after Shawn T and his manic workouts P90X just seemed .......tame! Yes I did just say that!
However after watching a few more workouts and really studying what they were doing I could see just how demanding the moves are. Tony's happy and relaxed but encouraging chatter will also be a welcome change from what I'm doing now. I'm not saying one is better than the other, they're just both different.


  1. I am so sorry to hear that you have been hurting Linda, and hope that is not what has been keeping you away. Skinny Girl...Where Art Thou?? I miss reading your posts. I am hoping that you are at least feeling better.

    Learning To Live Again – My Weight Loss Journey

    1. Hi Brandie.
      I'm still having alot of pain with my knees but I have still been doing Insanity. I guess I've not blogged because I don't want every blog to be about pain, however comments such as yours really lift my spirits because it shows me that people really do read these posts and when a complete stranger takes the time out of their day to make sure I am feeling ok ..... well it's quite humbling!
      Thank you Brandie for your concern. I will be back to blogging over the next couple of days :)