Wednesday, 27 June 2012

C'mon y'all, let's goooooooooo!

What does the word conjur up in your mind?
It's probably not producing the image of a workout that you will enjoy doing huh?
Have you seen the Insanity workout infommercials? C'mon ladies you know the one - the one with Shaun T sweating profusely, getting his face in the screen and yelling that 'you can do this'.
Or are you the sceptical person that watches these infommercials and thinks "yeah right, as if" or "I'm way too unfit to do that" or "not in this lifetime" or even "I'm too old"?
Well a few weeks ago that was me. I've watched that infommercial for the last year or so. Originally I liked the look of Tony Hortons 'P90X' and then I saw Saun T's 'Insanity'. His energy and enthusiasm is contagious and I really wanted to do this workout but was convinced a) I'm too unfit  b) I'm too old (seriously too old at 40, wtf)  c)Don't reckon it will work.
But, 5 weeks ago I thought 'sod it'. Beachbody (the owners of Insanity et al) were offering monthly instalments and a 60day money back guarantee so I figured I would buy it, try it and send it back when it didn't live up to any of the claims.
For some reason I became fixated on the free Insanity tshirt, given to those who complete the challenge and send their before & after pictures and measurements in. The infommercial shows that tshirt alot, it shows people wearing it proud to be able to  say 'I earned it' and for some reason it struck a chord with me - I want that tshirt!
By the time Insanity arrived I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to do it but soooooo excited that I was giving it a chance - I have a whole DVD graveyard full of tried & tested workouts, this one had to be different, didn't it?
On day 1 of the Insanity workout I recorded my weight, measurements and took those before photos - I have to say this was where I was most reluctant. I have hidden from the camera for about 20 years now so this was alien to me. In fact there was no way I was getting anyone to take them for me so I waited until everyone was out, erected some dodgy looking scaffold for the camera, set the timer and took the pictures (which haven't even made it to my blog just yet).
I have to say those pictures just validated exactly why i shouldn't have my photo taken.

Anyway, day 1 of Insanity was a fit test and I have to say that this fit test was exactly that. It showed me exactly how unfit, uncoordinated and unflexible I actually am - it kind of opened my eyes and made me seriously doubt about my ability to do this workout.
The first workout I did was extreme to say the least. I went into this knowing that I wasn't even going to attempt to keep up with the guys on screen - at least not to start with - if I go down that road then I'll lose interest when I can't keep up.
Despite my total inability to do some of the moves I loved it, I mean I seriously loved the workout and was on a high all day!
For the rest of the week I found myself wanting to get into a new routine so that I was up early and ready to press play and go a round of Insanity.
That enthusiasm has never waned!
I am now in week 5 of Insanity which is a recovery week preparing myself for month 2 and it's brand new workouts but don't be fooled, I do not know what dictionary Shaun T is familiar with but no definition of recovery I am aware of quite describes what is involved in Insanity recovery week. BUT the recovery workout is so far one of my favourite.

So far I am going to say that Insanity and Shaun T completely live up to the hype in those infommercials. This workout is different to anything else I have ever tried.
Fo the first month there are 5 different workouts plus a fit test plus a rest day so every day is different.
The recovery week is 1 workout repeated over 6 days but is so far my favourite of all of them.
Month 2 has a further 5 new workouts plus the fit test and plus utilising a couple of workouts from month 1 - it's going to be tough!
I haven't weighed myself since starting the workout. I'm reluctant to do this because so far I haven't watched my diet. I'm getting my butt in gear ready for the second month though and will record any losses at the end of the month. I did have a sneaky measure of my waist this morning just out of curiosity and I've lost 2" from it so I'm pretty hopeful that there'll be more by the end of month 2.
The main improvements I have found are flexibility

Another thing that makes the Beachbody workouts different (this includes P90X, Hip Hop Abs, Slim in 6, Turbofire and loads more) is that the purchaser gets access to the Beachbody website which is full of forums, interactive workouts, advice, tips and gives you all the support that you could need. You are also assigned a free coach who is there to help you, guide you and advise you and this support is what makes these workouts unique - they are extremely interactive.
US residents also get the chance to become a coach too and earn extra money through that however this opportunity is not available in the UK yet but hopefully it will be in the future.

So what are you waiting for? Do you want to try one of these Insane workouts? Get extreme results? Want to be motivated by the likes of Shawn T, Tony Horton or Chalean?
Click one of the links to the left of this page and head on over to their website to check out your extreme workout of choice, I promise you you will not regret it.


  1. I bought BeachBody's Turbo Jam when it came out 6-7 years ago. Best investment ever!! I still love doing it even years later :)

  2. That's awesome! I bought P90 what seems like 100 years ago, they are on VHS for god's sake and they were great. I then purchased Slim in 6 and lost a lot of weight on it, then graduated to the Slim Series. Now I am doing P90x and I love it. I feel so strong! Way to get at it and keep up the good work.