Friday, 8 June 2012

Water & Cravings

"Dream it, believe it and you will achieve it"

We're always told that water is important for our bodies right! I'm not sure what the health recommendations are with regards to the amount of water we should drink everyday but I for one try to drink it constantly throughout the day.
But check this out:

Who knew!
Who knew it actually did all that?  I mean, I knew it made up a huge percentage of our blood but 75% of our muscles?  75% of our brain? 22% of our bones?  I for one didn't know those things.  I'm pretty sure I would have learned these facts at some point during those boring science classes at school but I would have to say it hasn't been sloshing around in that 75% of brain water for the past 24 years of leaving school. Must have gone in and been pee'd right back out again. I know now though!

Now check out this one:

Where on earth do they come up with these? And how do they know that when I'm really craving that gorgeous silky smooth bar of chocolatey goodness that what I reeeeeally want is Nuts, Seeds, legumes or fruit? Hmmmmmm Chocolate or Nuts? Chocolate or seeds? Chocolate or fruit? Nope I ain't getting it. Right now I am craving that bar of chocolate in the fridge. I'm craving the taste, the texture the whole darned thing. Now if I sit and dream of Nuts, seeds, legumes or fruit am I feeling that same feeling? Am I craving them? Do I even fancy them or like them?
I'm thinking not so much! Think I'd rather have the Magnesium Supplement that they claim my body needs and sit and enjoy that chocolatey goodness!

No real exciting news to share re Insanity. I'm still doing it. I'm still loving it, I'm still diggin deep and the time spent hitting the floor in complete exhaustion is getting less which has got to be a good thing!
SI6 is even getting easier too.
Though I have to admit I am looking forward to recieving a sample of a pre workout drink I've ordered. If it's tolerable taste wise, does what it says on the packet and doesn't just leave me jittering like a caffeine junkie then I'll buy it in bulk.


  1. Very informative, thank you for sharing that! Did you also know that thirst is often mistaken for hunger... I wasn't sure about this so I tested it, it's true! Many of the times I feel hungry (with no good reason) I pick up a bottle of water and walla, no more hungry feeling.

  2. Yeah, it really does work doesn't it! Probably explains why I'm not hungry all morning - while I'm doing insanity I drink at least 4 big glasses of water and then a couple more afterwards. Mind you, I definitely sweat it out though. Eew!

  3. I did NOT know that about water!