Monday, 4 June 2012

Get your s**t together

That's exactly what I need to be saying to myself right now!
I'm avoiding running and the longer I leave it the harder it is to get going again. The main reason is that I've been doing this training with my daughter. We knew it would be hard for her to fit runs in because she works with horses at an Equestrian college and so we only really get the weekend to run.
The initial aim was for me to run on a Tuesday then we'd both run on Fridays and Sundays but I'm kinda coming up with all excuses not to and now my daughter goes away for a couple of weeks at the weekend!
This run we're training for is at the end of September so I have to get my s**t together.
The plan now is to begin in earnest once she returns from her trip but I know that I'm going to have to find it in me to go out running alone again - gulp!

At least INSANITY is going great. I felt a bit daunted this morning due to yesterdays rest break but once we got going I was right back into it. I even did the first DVD to 'Slim in 6' straight after - my knees now hurt. :(

I've been blogging in my food diary and a few things have come to light.
1) I am eating waaaaay too much crap - more than I thought
2) Some days I don't eat enough actual food.
3) I'll be lucky to lose any weight come this Thursdays weigh in.

Today i had a Creme Egg ice cream taken off me by my hubby like I was a naughty kid. Part of me laughed and part of me was bloody angry.
My husband is usually the feeder and buys me sweets even when I say I'm trying to avoid them - actually, especially when I say I'm trying to avoid them!
So I felt it was a bit hypocritical to suddenly decide that I needed to have something taken away. Don't get me wrong I understood why he did it and I was quite glad that he'd stopped me having it, but still...............
Mind you, I had the ice cream anyway later on. ;)


  1. Sometimes even if I eat within my range, sometimes its crap especially if I am running low on good food. Just keep exercising. Last night was my first run in over a week. It is hard to pick up once you stop for a while but once you do its easier to keep going!

    1. Thanks Kristina,
      It's certainly hard to pick it back up.
      Glad to hear you've managed to get back into it yourself.


  2. I absolutely love logging my food because like most people I don't think I would realize what I was putting in my mouth if I didn't. It is part of being accountable and for me that is the key. You've got it in you to get your s**t together, just remind yourself why you started this journey to begin with. I have full faith in you, you can do it!!

    1. I know Brandie. When it's written in front of you and you go back over the week it's amazing to see what you've eaten isn't it. Accountability is certainly the way forward.
      Thank you for your faith and thank you for being a regular here, it's an amazing feeling to know that others are interested what you blog about especially when they understand it all too. lol.


    2. No need to thank me, I love following your blog. It's one of my favorite actually. It is nice to comment for someone who not only communicates back, but who will also return the favor (and like you said, understands). You rock!