Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Take a good look people

Take a good look at just how much fat you dieters are removing from your body:

That 20 lber just looks gross doesn't it! Just imagine that's what we're removing from around out bellys and bodies and that is what is surrounding our internal organs when we're overweight!
Ewww right?

Now look at this Fat to Muscle comparrison:

And here's just a little reminder for y'all!

So I haven't been running - still!
My daughter is away and as she is my training buddy for the Loch Ness 10k I've decided to wait till she gets back in a couple of weeks.
In the mean time INSANITY is getting........well....INSANE and I'm hoping to see a huge improvement in my running ability when I get going again. I know it'll be hard cos I haven't run for a while but the improvement I'm looking for is not feeling like I'm running through sludge as soon as I get going - Insanity Plyometrics should be helping that!

I did week 3 fit test yesterday and although my results are probably still below average I made improvements on all moves.
  1. Switch kicks improved by 11.
  2. Power jacks improved by 7.
  3. Power knees improved by 18.
  4. Power jumps improved by 7.
  5. Globe jumps improved by 1  :(
  6. Suicide Jumps improved by 3.
  7. Push up jacks improved by 4.
  8. Low plank oblique improved by 9.

The Black Dog is taking the proverbial today. One minute he's snapping, the next he's snoozing - what's with that!
Time for some music I think so that I can send him back off to La La land!  :) - smiley face just to annoy the Black Dog.


  1. That 20 pound one is really gross. I never really thought that 20 pounds would take up so much room! Certainly glad to be with out my extra, and can't wait to get rid of the rest!
    You really are doing great with the insanity, keep it up and I am sure when you get back to running the whole "sludge" feeling will have gotten much better.

  2. Thanks Brandie.
    I know that 20 lber fraked me too. Kinda makes you want to get rid of more doesn't it!