Friday, 15 June 2012

Extreme workout

Last week I decided that I was going to quit the Slimming World weekly weigh in.  It was a big decision to make because I have never done well with losing weight when I'm not accountable to a slimming group BUT there's many reasons for me making the decision.
  1. I've never stayed for the group therapy part. It just doesn't interest me and because the class is at night time and 15 miles away it just gets too late for me personally.
  2. Paying and weighing. Obviously it's my fault that I only turn up to class, pay my fee, get weighed and get out but I started to question what I'm actually getting from that. I'm not accountable to the group because I don't stay.
  3. The atmosphere is not one of a happy group (another reason I don't stay after weigh in). 
  4. The leader of the group is a fun gal but there's no motivation whatsoever. She never interacts or  asks questions or finds out how we've done. Obviously she would if we stayed on after but there's absolutely no support if we don't.
  5. I've got into the habit of starving myself all day every Thursday because weigh in is at night (I'd prefer first thing in the morning). I'll drink through the day but even that stops at about 2pm and then I work myself up so much during the day I go to class with a stomach ache.
  6. By the time I've been weighed in the evening I'm so hungry that I hit the shops and stuff myself with sweets convincing myself that I can burn it off during the week. The problem with that scenario is that once I binge it's hard to stop.
So I decided enough is enough. Going to class is not healthy for me right now.
I am still following the slimming world plan because I know it works and I will weigh myself once a week first thing in the morning and see if I can do this myself. Well, actually, I know I can do it! If I can press play to an Insanity workout everyday then I know I can watch my diet myself.

Talking of Insanity;)  today was CPR 'Cardio Power & Resistance'. This particular workout is madness - and I love it. I pushed harder today than I thought possible and managed to keep up with the guys on screen much more :)
Here's my post workout piccie. See the smile?

THIS is how I really felt:

Flippin knackered.
If you've seen the Insanity commercials you'll have seen the sweat that drips off Sean T and the others - that sweat is for real y'all and by half way through (perhaps even in the beginning of the workout as was my case) you will be sweating bucket loads.
Insanity workouts will make you sweat, cry, scream, hit the floor in exhaustion and question your sanity BUT you will love every single minute of it because every time you drag your sorry knackered butt off that floor and give one last push when you thought you had nothing left you will feel invincible!


  1. I never stayed for the weight watchers meetings either.

  2. I can really relate to you here Linda. I started going to Scottish Slimmers a few years ago and it just wasn't for me either, I think I lasted a month or so. It sounds like you were just going through the motions and it was having some pretty negative effects on you so it's great that you made the decision you did. Like you said if you can push yourself to keep going with Insanity then of course you can keep your diet in check. (I have to admit the adverts I've seen of Insanity scare me a I'm in awe of how you manage to keep at it!)

    1. I did Scottish Slimmers when I first moved here to the Highlands :) It's actually quite similar to Slimming World if I remember right!
      Whereabouts in the Highlands are you from Mege? And whereabouts in Nottingham are you now? It's such a small world isn't it! I'm originally from Hucknall in Nottinghamshire and now live near Lybster in the Highlands :D

    2. Hi Linda, I've only just seen this. I'm originally from Inverness and that's where my family are now, but we moved around as my dad was in the police. We also lived in Dingwall, Stornoway and Aviemore. And now me and my husband are living on the edge of the city centre but I think we're technically in West Bridgeford. We've not ventured up to Hucknall yet, is it a nice area? I'm not sure if I've been to Lybster, but quite probably when we've gone for runs in the car up the North coast. :)