Friday, 1 June 2012

Weigh in & Progress

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.
Thomas A. Edison

So last night was weigh in at fatclub Slimming World and after all my workouts this week I haven't shifted even an ounce of weight - WTF!
Ok so maybe I've only done 3 workouts (4 if I include the fit test ;) but that's really not the point, I felt 'thinner' this week so hoped for at least 1 lb :(

Never mind, I'll get over it. I did know that maybe I'd not been doing it long enough to notice a difference just yet so I'll concentrate on next week.
I think maybe I need a reality check where my food is concerned too. Chocolate is sneaking its way back in throughout the week and if I'm honest I've been adding the odd naughty ingredient to my meals throughout the week. To help with this problem I'm going to add a 'food diary' to my blog so I can write down everything I eat - that way I'm accountable for it.

So todays INSANITY workout - Pure Cardio. I'm still amazed and stoked at just how excited I am to press play every morning, I'm loving every minute of these workouts.
Pure Cardio was an absolute killer. I couldn't keep up completely all of the time but I certainly gave it my best shot. I hit the floor a couple of times but then again so did a couple of the fitties on the DVD. I took a few more breaks in this one but those 'breaks' were literally  a swig of water and get back into it or walking a couple of circles and get back into it.
The stretches Shaun T does are Amazing. I can already see a difference in my suppleness and how much of a stretch I can achieve - the hip flexor stretches have really helped because I have problems in that area.

The Black Dog had a bit of a snarl today. After my workout I looked in the mirror and negative thoughts started to creep in (probably because of last nights weigh in result) but I got him under control and he's back in his kennel - he's not asleep, he's alert but at least he's down!

Just so I am accountable for it and can't excuse my way out of it, I am going for a run later today :)


  1. Sounds like Pure Cardio is really working for you. Try not and feel too disheartened with your weigh in, it's like you said it just makes you focus on next week even more.And I think the food diary will help too, I know it probably sounds stupid but I feel proud of myself on "good" days in the diary and guilty when I write the not so good stuff in. So I agree it totally makes us accountable. :)

  2. I'm certainly loving the workout. I'm trying to focus on next weeks weigh in instead of feeling sorry for myself about this weeks. If I don't lose weight I only have myself to blame.
    I know exactly what you mean about being proud when you've eaten all good things all day :), I decided to make my food diary more visual for me and highlighted good foods in green and bad foods in red. The aim obviously is for all green day - fingers crossed.

  3. What a great idea about colour coding it...I might have to borrow that idea! :)