Friday, 22 June 2012

Oh no you didn't!

So here's the thing. I'm loving my Insanity workouts ..... well as much as a person can love pushing their body to the point of being unable to breathe anyways :)
But I've hit a minor glitch. So far I've managed to work around it but this glitch is getting more painful by the day and the thought of being told to stop the Insanity workout really worries me.
The problem is my knee. I always expected a few niggles in my joints starting such an insane workout but I always imagined it would be my hips or ankles that let me down, not my ruddy knees.
I'm guessing I'm doing some of the higher energy moves wrong particularly the high knee jumps. I asked my coach what could be causing the knee pain and it would seem I've been landing wrong :( The idea is to land softly on the balls of your feet with bent knees. I'm managing the bent knees but I've been landing heavily on the flat of my feet - my knees have been getting progressively worse over the last few days because of it. I now find it really painful to squat, walk up and down stairs and even walking hurts until it eases up a bit.
I so did not see this coming!
I only have myself to blame though, I should have taken precautions before starting the workout and should have made sure I knew the moves properly. A couple of years ago I had a stupid accident that involved me slipping and bashing my left knee and leg. Off I popped to the hospital but the xray department had shut for the weekend (this was Friday night - good job this wasn't an emergency huh) and I never bothered going back for it on Monday. My leg and knee healed after a few months although my lower front leg was still squishy. I never even gave my knee a thought when I started this workout and it's the same knee that's hurting now.
So what am I going to do? Well,  1) strap the knee up during workout  2) either modify the jumps till it heals or at least land softly  3) start taking Glucosamine and cod liver oil  4) wall stretches for the knee 5) Pray this works.

On the upside I've noticed a few positive changes too :) I haven't checked weight or measurements since I started but there's been a huuuuge improvement with my back.
For years now I have suffered with severe back ache in a morning. It stems from some damage I did to it when I worked with horses years ago. For the first time in yonks I am waking up without a back ache and for me that is a huge relief!
I've also noticed that my walking posture has improved. I don't slouch when I walk now and my shoulders seem to naturally fall back rather than forward.
Now, if I can just sort out this knee pain!!


  1. Sorry to hear your knees have been bothering you. I'm not a graceful jumper so anytime in P90X I have to do a move doing jumping...well it isn't pretty. LOL!
    I think it's awesome the progress you are making. The improvements with back pain has to be an amazing feelng. Sometimes I feel like I focus on the numbers too much. Thanks for reminding me that isn't what it's always about!

    1. It's hard isn't it. I have really had to modify the jumps because I know it's those that are causing the knee damage/pain.
      As for that training buddy - he's getting there lol. If you see his piccie he's winking lol and running with him is very hit and miss - if a Great Dane decides to run across in front of you and drag you to the sheep that are running away from him, there ain't much you can do lol. Especially when you're already running as the momentum drags you and makes the dog even faster!
      He's been benched for a little while due to a torn toenail!

  2. P.S. I just saw the pic of your training buddy. TOO CUTE!!!