Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Burning buns........................

And not the nice edible kind either. I'm talking burning backside, ass, butt, booty or whatever else you choose to call it.
It blinkin hurts!
The culprit? Probably not what came straight to the mind of you guys that's for sure ;)  It was that 'slim in 6' workout from Monday.
I was going to do it again today after Insanity Pure Cardio but seriously I have never know my butt muscles to be this sore, even I have to laugh at my attempt to get in and out of a chair.
Plus, plus, my inner thigh muscles! I honestly thought I'd been absent the day inner thigh muscles were dished out. I guess years of being covered in flab kind of camouflaged them huh. But guess what, if this pain is anything to go by then they're most certainly there and are firing on all cylinders.

I have to say 'Slim in 6' was difficult and the DVD I did was just the first one of the set 'start it up'.
Here's what each DVD claims
3 easy-to-follow workouts for amazing body-slimming results:
  • Start It Up! introduces you to the basic Slim Training moves for burning calories and reshaping your body.
  • Ramp It Up! helps you burn more calories each day to accelerate your results.
  • Burn It Up! takes slimming and toning to the next level to complete your body reshaping.
I know I've only done the first day of the first DVD but honestly, I have never felt these particular muscles so fired!
There's no way I am ready to do it every day after Insanity so I'm going to do it every other day for a couple of weeks first.

As for INSANITY. Well I struggled today. I struggled to get out of bed due to a late night, I felt knackered, had a belly ache and then did the workout on an empty stomach and forgot to take my Narcolepsy meds first (which give me a boost).
I got through the entire workout though. NEVER will I press pause or stop unless I'm finished - not a habit I want to get into.
Loving it still and looking forward to Cardio Abs being bought into it this week.


  1. I seriously admire your commitment to excersize Linda, great job!! All these sore muscles sound like a really good excuse for a massage though :) .

  2. Just wish I could be so committed to running :(
    Massage (shudders), nooooooooo, I feel really uncomfortable with them. Think it maybe has something to do with my husbands attempt at them - he's not the most blessed in that area lmao.
    Loving your play on the word exercise, unless it's a US way of spelling it of course. It's like exorcising youe size :)

    1. Ha Ha... No play on the word or a US way of spelling it, my clumsy fingers are all to blame here. LOL

    2. Nooooo, you should have gone with the play on words lol. If that was a amistake then it's a pretty cool mistake and made alot of sense. lol