Thursday, 31 May 2012


We all have those weightloss goals that we're aiming for, whether it be to lose 5lb, 50lb or 150lb and many of us keep weightloss journals to keep us accountable and to be able to 'see' the transformation via thoughts and feelings.

So what is your motivation? Your incentive? Your goals?

Mine, is to lose 70 lb. When do I want to do this by? - January!  Why? - because my husband and I are going on our first holiday in 3 years with our good friends that we barely manage to see because they live some 500 miles away.  These are the rare type of friend whereby we can not pick up the phone for a couple of months but everything is still perfectly normal when we do get round to talking - there is no expectation to have regular 'phone ins'.
By the time we go on holiday with our friends we won't have seen them for a few years but the minute we meet up it'll be like we've spent every day together - it's that easy!
So in January 2013 we'll be heading out to Jamaica for 2 weeks of all inclusive indulgence - a sunshine break that will be most welcome in the bleakest part of a UK winter

It's not just the holiday though. It's the fact that when I get there I want to be comfortable and I am determined that I will be able to wear nice clothes. I'm sick of going away and feeling like a fat frump when we dress up for dinner.
I want to wear flowing, cooling dresses and not have to consider hiding my arms and I do not want to avoid having my photo taken - I have no photographic memories of some lovely holidays because I refuse to have my picture taken.

So with this weightloss in mind (s**t it's weigh in tonight :(  I have taken the Insanity challenge. I do also run 2 - 3 times a week as I'm training for a 10k but Insanity has taken over.
Every morning I wake up in more muscle pain than the last but I know that once I get moving about the pain will ease and I manage to get through those workouts.
Today was Cardio Recovery. Now I'm not sure what definition of recovery Shaun T is working from here but let's just say, it's not as easy as I thought it would be.
Granted there's not a whole amount of demanding cardio but some of these moves and stretches.....damn! I'm not as supple as I had kidded myself I was!
I got through though and I am still loving this workout - I have never been so stoked about a workout in my life and tbh, no matter what pain I am in, hitting the play button is easy!

I'm suffering now though :(    I have Fibromyalgia and Narcolepsy and I know that if I do something demanding like Insanity it's going to knock me for 6 after a few days - I'm now shattered. I feel mentally and physically exhausted!
Not going to stop me though - who knew I could be so positive! - I'm up for the next round of Shaun T's insane workout tomorrow :D
Plus I think I may include Hip Hop Abs when I do the second round of insanity  :)


  1. I absolutely love your attitude, even though you are tired you stay motivated... You go girl!
    I have set up several goals to reach my final destination, my first goal was to be under 400 lbs (reached it), my next goal was 350 (surpassed it), my current goal is 299 (should reach it by tomorrow, I hope), after that is 250 and then 200.
    What's kept me going, is reading others stories, being accountable not only to myself but in a very public way. I tend to stay more motivated when I know I am being watched. The biggest motivator though is life. I decided 9 months ago that I wanted to live more than anything, and above all that is what keeps me going.
    Thank you for sharing and for being part of my motivation!

  2. I think your attitude toward weightloss is amazing. Breaking it down into smaller goals helps keep you motivated - thinking maybe I should try it. Losing the next 14lb seems a whole lot more doable than 71lbs.

    I too check out other blogs for motivation, it's really good to know that others are fighting the same fight and feeling the same as they're doing it.

    Good luck with your goal, I sincerely hope you make your target tomorrow.