Monday, 7 May 2012


Weightloss + Food = Slimming World

It has to be said that I have tried sooooo many diets - some have been more dodgy than a belly after an Indian takeaway - but whether they've been good or bad there has only ever been one eating plan/diet that has worked for me!
Slimming World.
I first tried it when I was about 27 and weighed 11st claiming that I would never weigh an ounce more than that horrendous weight! Oh how naive was I!!!!
Anyway SW worked for me back then but I lost motivation because eventually the weight refused to budge due to my refusal to stop eating so much chocolate. Plus we ate out as a family pretty much most weekday evenings back then (and I always had to have a 3 course meal. I would literally roll home afterwards)!
That's when I started looking into and trying the 'quick' weightloss plans, you know 'The cabbage soup diet', 'one meal a day diet', '3 day diet' etc, I even tried a diet specifically for obese patients that had to lose weight fast for surgery. What was I thinking :(
Then there were the fads such as 'Atkins', 'You are what you eat' etc etc.
Finally I tried the group weightloss programmes. I really wanted to go back to SW at this point but there were no classes so far up here in the Highlands (my previous class had been when we lived in Boston), so I tried 'Scottish Slimmers' and gave 'Weight Watchers' a go too.
For me they did nothing! The plans neither gave me the incentive to eat well nor particularly helped me to be more aware of the nutritional content of what went into my trolley.

Finally Slimming World appeared up here but by this point I'd convinced myself that I was happy as I am and that things had gone too far to even bother.
Eventually in 2011 I decided sod it! I really need to lose this excess weight. My knees were hurting, my back was hurting, my breathing was terrible and I really wanted to enjoy running.
So I was brave and joined the group. I never stay for the meetings - I literally get weighed and go - because the online support is enough for me and there is a fabulous website called 'Minimins' that has the most amazing recipes for every weightloss programme going.
In just a couple of months I lost 21 lbs and really believed that there was no stopping me now, I was an invincible weightloss machine - dangerous thoughts to have!
I don't know what happened but over winter I stopped going and by the time I had plucked up the courage to return this year I had put pretty much most of it back on again - that has got to be the worst feeling ever!
This week will be an interesting weigh in as I haven't lost any weight since I restarted BUT things are going to change now. I'm running 3 or 4 times a week and I've introduced cycling and will be getting the Tae Bo DVD's back out for days I need a change.
I'm dealing with my eating habits and trying to understand what is causing the feeling that I want to just cram everything sugary I can find - it's hard because part of me doesn't want to understand it, I simply want to eat it - but I'll get there.

My need to have big meals is another thing I love about Slimming World. This was my lunch yesterday

And the entire thing was pretty much Syn free other than a couple of sins for the Lighter than Light Mayo. The salad has a drizzle of Fat free vinigrette to it and the good thing about such a large meal is that it teaches me to leave some food - something I could not have previously done.

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