Friday, 18 May 2012

Feeder, Saboteur & Insanity

It's a standing joke in this household that my husband is a 'feeder'. This description of him has now been upgraded to 'feeder & saboteur'. Here's what I mean

My husband loves me, I know that 100% and we are soul mates. He loved me when I was thin, he loved me as I expanded and he loves me now. Never has he ever made me feel fat, called me fat or ever hinted at weightloss other than to support me the million and one times I have tried new fads and / or diets.
He has bought me every piece of gym equipment I could need and has never held any of it against me as it gathers dust.
He helps me with running motivation by driving alongside me, he even started running with me when I very first started just because I didn't want to go alone.
BUT it seems that whenever I inform everyone that I'm on a healthy eating plan or diet, the first thing he does is buy me Chocolate. Of course he tells me I don't have to eat it which is very true but still......
So then I'll tell him to not buy me chocolate or sweets unless I ask for them, which he manages to do for a couple of days but then he'll come home with loads of goodies for me insisting it's because he loves me.
The 'feeder' side of him has always been joked about but this week he became the saboteur.
Thursdays is my weigh in night, always has been and he knows this. Usually he comes home early enough, takes me to club, sits outside and waits for me then we go shopping and head home.
This week though he came home at lunch time and announced he was taking me to dinner!
"But I have fatclub later" I told him.
"Oh, you don't want to go to dinner then" asks Wayne.
"We could eat after fatclub?" says me.
"But I'm hungry now" says he.
So what is a girl supposed to do faced with the prospect of missing out on a nice lunch out?
You book a holiday at fatclub that's what!
At least I was honest with them and told them I had a huge lunch follwed by ice cream so there was no way I was hitting their scales!

My husband the Saboteur!

So what's this about Insanity you may ask!
I have decided on my workout - it's Insanity.
PT24/7 involves rubber bands and boxing gloves and no matter how much I try to visualise otherwise I'm seeing all sorts of embarrassing scenarios. Best left for when I'm more coordinated me thinks!
P90X  looked pretty good and very ....erm.....energetic but I found a review site that suggested buying several other pieces of equipment to make the most of the workouts. After the cost of the workout itself I ain't prepared to splash out more.

So Insanity it is. I have now given myself a 7 day get out clause before I buy it. This is because in the past I have had these spur of the moment impulses and then usually regret them later on. This time I'm prepared - but after 7 days I buy it!


  1. Oohhhhh yay! I hope you do go through with it! I'd love to hear what you think about it!!

  2. I hear a lot about Insanity, maybe I had better start checking it out.
    I can only imagine how hard it is for everyone concerned when you are on this journey living with other people. I guess you can use it as a way to strengthen your resolve? I don't know, but it seems like you are doing OK :)

  3. Hi I'm not good at blogger... but I just saw that you blogged me a while ago. Thank you so much for your comment... And GOOD LUCK ON YOUR JOURNEY