Tuesday, 22 May 2012

S**T what have I done :/

So I've done it! I've placed my order for the ultimate workout ever!

I gave myself a few days after deciding this would be the workout just in case it was one of those rash decisions made in a moment of absolute Insanity - pardon the pun. But Insanity is now on it's way to the Claxson household.
Have to admit I almost pulled out of the purchase simply because once I'd placed the order and before I got the chance to confirm it, there were 4 pages of  'would you like to purchase............'. This really put me off because some of the extra purchases were workouts and it got me wondering whether the workout I was buying wasn't going to be all it claimed without getting those extras too, which I certainly wasn't buying.
Anyway, I bought it and once it's arrived I'll be doing daily updates and reviews of the workout (maybe even with the odd photo lol) just to record the process for myself but also in case any of you guys are contemplating the workout - I'll be 100% completely honest in my review.

I should point out at this juncture that I am not the fittest of people, ideally I'd like I need to lose 5 stone and I am not the most dedicated or focused of people.
You may ask why I'm bothering then but here's what I'm thinking
  1. I want to prove my husband wrong who believes I can do it but won't.
  2. I want to stick at something - one thing - and achieve the end result.
  3. I'm hoping and praying it aids weight loss even if I'm following Slimming World plan and not the eating plan that comes with the workout.
  4. I've already decided to do P90X and Asylum next ;)
  5. I want that Tshirt.
  6. I want that Tshirt.
  7. I reeeeeeeeeally want that Tshirt.
So now I am going to make it my mission to find and follow and interact with a few other bloggers who are using extreme workouts (preferably Insanity) to aid weight loss and are starting them overweight and unfit.

Wonder when it will arrive! Excited!! Bloody nervous too though - it's gonna huuuuuurt!

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