Sunday, 6 May 2012

This running lark...............

After years of refusing to have my photo taken unless I was pulling a stupid face or hiding my bulk behind something, you can imagine my husbands suprise when I announced this morning that he was gonna have to take my photo for this blog.
Well I let him! It was hard - reeeeal hard but I told myself it needed to be done. How am I going to know how different I look when I lose weight if I don't record it from the start plus it's gotta be good to face it hasn't it! Hasn't it?

For some reason when I'm running I struggle to run the part going away from home. As soon as it turns back to home I can pick up the pace and start to enjoy it so today I got hubby to drop us off 2.5miles up the road so we could run back.
Half a mile would be used for walking and warming up and then we could attempt to run the other 2 miles and I decided to time us so that we could see the improvement in a couple of weeks.
Here we are ready for the off

I would love to claim that that's me on the left but nope, that's my daughter Leanne, the brave little sausage that has joined me in the Loch Ness 10k.
As you can see Leanne is already slim and is pretty fit as she works with horses, she also jogs along with this seemingly effortless gait while I thunder along behind her all flat footed - and often numb footed.
Leanne chats as we go while I gasp, struggle for breath and reach for the inhaler.
Leanne points out the scenery (which I admit is nice from the seat of a car) while I resolutely stare directly at the ground so I don't notice the incline.
Having said all that, she keeps me going when I start to flag and always lets me know how proud she is of me!

Todays 2 mile run started with a steep inline for a long way and the rest of it was pretty much undulating. We averaged 12 min miles which is naff considering I used to be much faster but I'm determined to get down to 10min miles for the 10k in September.

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