Friday, 4 May 2012

And so it begins......

The Skinny girl is in there somewhere................

and she's getting louder and louder in her determination to be heard - I hear ya skinny gal!

So, what does a person write on their first post of their weightloss blog?
No seriously, what??

Well I'll start with my own reasons for wanting to lose weight. I've never actually put this down on paper and I've been told it's supposed to be a pretty good incentive and quite motivational along the long road of fighting the flab. I haven't a clue what these fingers are gonna type so I'll see as I go along....

  1. I want to be comfortable enough to have my photograph taken with my family - we have no full family photos as I refuse.
  2. Health. It's a no brainer really is it. I know I have high cholesterol and my father died at 56 from heart disease.
  3. I want need energy - I'm an outdoorsy gal.
  4. I want to be able to wear a pair of jeans without a baggy tshirt covering my stomach.
  5. I want to wear a pair of jeans full stop! Out with the elasticated waists!!
  6. I want to feel comfortable when I sit down and not feel as though I have a sack of spuds for a stomach.
  7. I want my bones to stop aching and creaking - seriously they creak!
  8. I want to be able to run without feeling a huge jelly wobble that is my stomach.
  9. I want to be rid of my huge treble chin.
  10. I would like just the one pair of boobs NOT 1 pair to the front, 1 pair to the side and 1 pair to the back!
  11. I want to be able to go to a clothes shop and pick something off a rail and know it will fit.
  12. I also want to be able to pick clothes off a rail and know they will look good.
  13. I want to wear a bikini on my holiday to Jamaica in January - I refuse to wear an all in one as I want that all over tan!
  14. I want to dance .......comfortably!
  15. I want to like myself again!
  16. I want to ride horses again and not feel like I'm crushing them.
  17. I want to get in the bath and be able to submerse my entire body NOT have my belly sticking up like Everest.
  18. I want to feel the power of accomplishment!
Crikey, I could have kept going so maybe I will have do another post in the future with updated reasons to lose weight.

I often wish I could feel comfortable as I am. You know, happy in my own skin no matter how expanded it is, in fact I kind of envy those people who are happy regardless.
But that skinny young girl is fighting her way back out and who am I to stop her......

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