Saturday, 12 May 2012

Best friends - we all need one!

Today I had a lovely lovely suprise. Not flowers or chocolates or anything like that but some digital images I didn't know I had of my best friend who died suddenly in 2008.
You'd think I'd have a lot of pictures of my best friend wouldn't you but I don't, despite us literally travelling up and down the country together, so I thought I'd share a couple of them with you all here

Gorgeous isn't he? And yes, it's a dog lmao.
I don't exaggerate when I say he was my best friend - he really was. He was my companion as we travelled the UK attending local and championship dog shows, he gave me my first experience of competing at Crufts - he was my shadow!
Bailey - or BaileyWaileyWooWoo as I called him was out playing on the land with the other dogs on the morning of February 9th (2 days before his 5th birthday). Wayne & I  had just finished having a cup of tea indoors and as we went out Wayne said "We've got a dead dog on the drive". At that point he thought Bailey was just laying down but as soon as I saw him I knew he wasn't playing.
I cannot describe the pain of losing Bailey. To some he may have just been a dog, a pet, something you replace when the time is right but I immediately went into a deep depression.
I was convinced we had buried him alive and I remember trying to convince Wayne in the dead of the night that we had to go and dig him back up - I really was inconsolable and completely and utterly lost. Bailey left a huge deep hole in my life!
For the next few months nothing helped. Wayne tried to get me to get another Dane but as far as I was concerned if I couldn't have Bailey I didn't want any dog.
In January the following year we went away with friends to the Carribean and the day we got home Wayne saw someone advertising Dane puppies - a 300 mile round trip.
To cut a very long story short I stated that I wouldn't get a boy again but that I'd let the puppy choose me and out of a litter of 10 I had quite a pick.
One pup chose me immediately, refusing to run off and play with its litter mates, it sat by my side and stayed there - out of that litter of 10, the one and only boy had decided I was his new mum.
Huntly is now my new best friend and his personality is so like Baileys it's scarey.

A couple more of those images I found today on an old, long forgotten XD card

To BaileyWaileyWooWoo - My best friend, my shadow. Always loved and never forgotten. xxxxx

For todays run Leanne and I decided to take the car up to the forest and run the 4 mile forest track. We also, rather stupidly in hindsight, decided to take the small dogs with us - a Terrier with energy to spare and a Shih Tzu who is a tad .............erm.....round!
I couldn't take the GSD or Dane as I couldn't get them in the car plus the Dane has ripped a toenail off and is still recovering, so the wee dogs came along.
We ended up having to walk more than we would have liked because the Shih Tzu seemed to be panting an awful lot and we even had to resort to carrying her - which she hated. Plus, there were a couple of Hawks soaring extremely low and scarily close to us. Figuring they had their beady eyes on our teeny tiny dogs we put them on their leads.
Anyway, the running we did manage was good and we did well all in all despite the never ending moosive inclines scattered round the entire 4 miles.

The start of the run.

I tried to get an image showing one of the many dips and steep inclines we had to endure but it hasn't shown up too well in the picture below.

Absolutely love running on these tracks, it gives the shins a bit of a break from so much running on concrete roads.
We're going to try and run the forest tracks once a week but we'll not be taking the Shih Tzu with us again as it's too much for her but I'm hoping Huntlys toenail will be sufficiently healed to start running again with me this week - fingers crossed.

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