Monday, 21 May 2012

Amazing motivation - one ladys inspirational journey

OK so lately I've been feeling uninspired, unmotivated, lethargic and just basically Bleh (is that even a word).
Last week I hardly ran at all other than when walking the dog and even that was half hearted.
My relationship with running is not easy because I basically hate it! I do not plan my runs with any degree of excitement nor do I like it when I'm actually doing it. Once I've completed a run I feel great, tell myself I can't wait for the next one (knowing I have the next day off) and convince myself I am a runner. Even the night before a run I go to bed early and kind of look forward to getting up early and heading out but when the next day rolls round I've talked myself out of it before I've even got out of bed. It takes serious willpower to get me out the door.
Today I was walking the dog and had literally convinced myself that running is not for me, I'm giving it up and never have to do it again. You'd think I'd be relieved by that statement but I kinda just felt deflated and defeated - you see, I hate running but I need it and I know I cannot not do it for any length of time.
So I logged online to my favourite blog 'Runs for cookies' hoping that Katie had downloaded her race report - she completed her first ever marathon on Sunday - and my whole outlook changed.
I'm sure most of you know who Katie is but for those of you who don't : Katie is a 30 year old wife and mother of two boys who lost an amazing 125 lbs in 16 months and took up running to maintain that weight loss.
Her blog is a riot of information, motivation and inspiration to anyone who is trying achieve a goal in their life.
Her blog followers have watched as she took up running, entered races when all she could do was walk them, go through surgery and following a diet and healthy eating plan emerged the other side 125 lb lighter and finishing her first marathon.
What i find particularly inspiring about Katie is that she is 'real'. She's 'normal', she could be any one of us and her blog posts deal with the good, the bad and the ugly side to self transformation.
She falters just like us, she has bad habits just like us, she struggles just like us but she never seems to quit, she focuses on what needs to be done and strives to achieve it.

I have dedicated todays post to Katie because she is quite simply inspirational and we all need a dose of that every now and again don't we!
Well done Katie - you did it. Despite the pain - you did it!


  1. It looks like a bunch of us are going through this >>uninspired, unmotivated, lethargic and just basically Bleh<< too! You are not alone!

    1. I can totally second this! After last week's crazy business trip I'm basically faking it until I make it. I figure that will snap me out of it and get me back on track. So far it's working.

      BLEH! Lol!

  2. I've just started reading "Runs for Cookies" and love it! I've found that for me, running is 80% mental. (Maybe more.) So it's coming up with key phrases to lift ourselves up and think what other people would tell us, too... which is exactly what she experienced on her marathon! ;-)

    1. I've found when I'm running that I need to listen to music because the noise of my breathing really puts me off and loud music is also the only thing that drowns out that little devil in my head telling me it's ok to walk. lol

  3. I *love* Katie, she is such an incredible inspiration!!!

  4. I can't remember....have you tried the C25K program? That really helped me get started running so that I wasn't totally miserable the whole time. Don't get me wrong I still dread it at times, but I figure that happens with all work out routines.
    Days like that I'm always thankful I have my dog to at least get me outside to walk her. Otherwise I probably wouldn't do anything at all!
    You're doing great. You'll get back into the groove!

    1. No never done the C25K programme. In fact until recently I couldn't figure out what it even meant when I saw it on blogs lol. Then I had a lightbulb moment. lmao.
      Problem for me is that I don't like running. I like the idea of it and I really want to actually like the running, I just don't.
      I subscribe to womens running magazine which has helped tremendously and all the other blogs I follow - yours included - are what get me through those 'bleh' moments.

  5. I love her too... ive been readin her since she was on OD.... (back then I lost 50lbs and at 200lb.... then I gained it bak.... and now I"M STILL READING HER as I lost 30 and gain... 20lbs back.) She is inspiring... she makes me want to do something....and that partially what keeps me coming back. I want to do what she has done..