Thursday, 24 May 2012

Is it what it seems? + UPDATE

I've been excited about this Insanity workout for a while now. I ordered it the other day and am patiently waiting its arrival so I can transform my body the Insanity way.
However a couple of things have come up that seriously risk me losing the motivation to do it.

The Insanity TV commercial over here in the UK lasts a good 30 mins and in that time we see Shaun T showing us parts of the workout, loads of before and after pictures, participants stories etc etc and then a huge deal is made about the Insanity Tshirt (and I mean a huuuuuuge deal) and all the online support, guidance, motivation etc that is available via the BeachBody website - all this included within the workout package.
I got my email the other day telling me my workout had been shipped and sending me a link to the BeachBody website where I can sign up, find a coach to help me and meet other workout buddies.
I had a few problems registering on the site so I contacted Beachbody about it and guess what? - It ain't available to International customers - WTF!!! How the f**k do they get away with adding it to the TV commercial and using it as an incentive to buy the programme if it's not included?
I duly sent of my complaint on this but no doubt it will be several more days before I even recieve a bog standard reply. In the mean time I have another concern - that Tshirt!!
I make no bones about the fact that the Tshirt was a serious incentive to me to complete this programme. Now that may sound a tad anal to many of you but in the commercial it's a major incentive to complete the programme and it certainly worked on getting my interest up.
I'm currently waiting to hear back as to whether the Tshirt is available to us in the UK. I've checked out the BB website and it certainly doesn't say it isn't (but then neither did the forum, I had to enquire) so I'm hoping that Beachbody are at least honouring that part of the deal.
I kinda feel deflated and ripped off! I've had a heap of DVD workouts and they're all festering away somewhere after boredom set in. The Insanity workout appears different but what helps to make the entire package different (and what gets buyers reeeeally interested) is the community spirit shown in the adverts, the support, the interaction and most all that bloody Tshirt!

I'm still really excited about completing the Insanity workout and I guess it's stupid that such small details have taken away some of the interest but there you have it. I can cope with no forum access but damn I want that Tshirt:)


I've spent way too much time trying to figure out what I can and can't use of my purchased Insanity programme so I managed to find a Live chat link on the BeachBody website.
I'm never too sure about these Live chats actually being 'Live' and I had serious doubts that Maria Garcia was anything more than an automated service that responds by picking up key words in your questions, but anyhow I got the info I needed

  Maria Garcia: Thank you for contacting Beachbody, my name is Maria Garcia. If at any time you feel you're not receiving excellent service or feel unsatisfied with what I am doing, please let me know immediately and I will do all within my power to accomplish your request. How may I help you?

Linda Claxson: I am a UK customer and have just bought the Insanity workout. I've just found out that despite the commercial saying we could use the BeachBody forum / coach etc we actually can't. Could you tell me if uk customers are still able to apply for the Tshirt at the end? This is a major reason for buying this workout!

Maria Garcia: Sure I can assist you with that.

Could you please verify the following information so that I may locate your account?
-Billing Name (first and last)
-Billing Address
-City, State, & Zip code   

Linda Claxson: Mrs Linda Claxson, ******************** UK

Maria Garcia: Thank you. Please give me a couple of minutes  while I check this for you. Maria Garcia: Thank you for your patience. Maria Garcia: The Team Beachbody game is only available to residents of the United States and Canada at this time.   Maria Garcia: However, for Free T-Shirt you can certainly send an email to

Linda Claxson: Thank you for confirming that. Do you know whether there is any intention of allowing UK customers to become part of the 'team' in the future? This is stated on the commercial over here that we can use this service and is part of the reason I bought this workout.

Maria Garcia: I am not sure when the option will be available . Maria Garcia: I have forwarded this request to the concern department and they will take care of this option and hope this option get available to the customers in near future.

Linda Claxson: OK, thank you for your help. Goodbye!

So, she confirmed I can't use the Beachbody coach facility but at least I can go for that Tshirt.
Honestly, if she had said I couldn't get it I was all set to send the programme back (once it's actually arrived) and then buy it much cheaper on the net. Why the heck should I buy from BeachBody at a higher price when I can't use some of what they sold me!
Just to prove a point, here's part of the UK based advert claiming what we get

INSANITY® - Plus 4 Free Gifts!

Elite Nutrition Plan – designed to fuel your body for these intense workouts.
Fitness Guide – short and to the point. It's just the information you need. We want you working out—not reading.
INSANITY® Calendar – organised into month 1 and month 2 to track your progress, set workout goals, and keep you motivated. Plus, the Fit Test Tracker tracks your results as you watch your body transform before your eyes.
FREE Online Support Tools – stay motivated with round-the-clock access to fitness experts and peer support.

I know immediately how they're gonna get away with not providing something they claim we are buying and that's by saying it's a free gift - I just know there's gonna be some way round it!
Oh well! Looks like I'll just have to hope that they get the International part sorted before I progress to the next workout. If not then I'm gonna buy it elsewhere!

Having said all that I am sooooooo excited to start the programme knowing that I can at least get the Tshirt :)


  1. i've just begun the workout regime and insanity was a GREAT name. but i laughed out loud when you mentioned the t-shirt. It's a trophy. I love a trophy. sadly, i purchase previously-owned version and there is no t-shirt at the end of this rainbow. i even asked the fellow i bought it from whether he wore it. he said his wife uses it when she colors her hair... my trophy is a dropcloth. :( i sincerely hope you get yours!!! :)

    1. O dear! lol.
      I hope you are enjoying the programme. Is it as hard as it says it is?

  2. Replies
    1. Me too and these incentives were part of what got me to part with my money - Grrrrr!