Monday, 28 May 2012

Insanity - Perfect name

Today was my first day of the Insanity workout - Fit test day!
Just the warm up Shaun T takes us through had me sweating as much as I would on a 3 mile run.
The actual fit test was nothing  less than completely and utterly knackering BUT it was also soooo enjoyable. Yes, I did say enjoyable! I think I found it enjoyable because I know what this challenge means to me - I need to enjoy this challenge no matter how painful it ends up being.
I really do not know what constitutes a decent fit test result for a 70 lb overweight, 40 year old weeble woman so I could not tell you whether my results were good or not. I'm just going to take them for what they are (my first results) and hope and pray that I see some drastic improvement as I go along.

1. Switch Kicks - 40: I honestly thought I'd find this move easy  but apparantly not! I sucked at it!
2. Power jacks - 30: O my! and O dear!
3. Power knees - 52: Loved this move! :)
4. Power Jumps - 11: It would seem my jumps are not so powerful and are not so easy to do - for a weeble anyway!
5. Globe jumps - 6: Bear in mind 1 rep to this move has 4 jumps to it.
6. Suicide Jumps - 10: Very aptly named and very knackering.
7. Push up jacks - 14: I so wanted to be good at this one but co ordination appears to be an issue.
8. Low plank Oblique - 43: Another enjoyable move but very very hard.

The hardest part for me today wasn't the fit test, it was taking the before photos. I don't mean hard because the stupid camera timer was hard to master but because I do not like my photo being taken (hence the timer. No way is someone taking them for me).
Taking my photo in figure hugging gear goes against everything I have done for the past 20 years but that is how determined I am to do this. I'm not sure when those before images will appear on here though - maybe when I've taken the next ones and can see an improvement :D
Not only have I had to take the photos but I have to send them off for others to see because I want that Tshirt - I made a huge deal about that Tshirt but this is how desperately I want it!

I also made a huge grumble about not being able to take part in the Team Beachbody forum because it's not open to International customers yet BUT Beachbody have been amazing and have set me up an account regardless and I can now use the support online - yay for Beachbody!


  1. Great news about Beachbody - gotta love companies that know how to give Customer Service properly.

    I don't really know how difficult the different exercises you did were as most of them I haven't heard of, however they sound pretty difficult and your numbers seem pretty high so it looks like you done really well - congratulations!

    Do you have to actually do it -every- day then?

  2. The fit test you do every couple of weeks but the rest of the dvd's you do 6 days a week - sunday is a day off, thankfully!
    I've just done the Plyometric Cardio Circuit and moving is now a serious problem lmao. I'm scared to sit down in case I can't get back up lol.
    I better see some serious improvement after this :D