Saturday, 26 May 2012

Today is a good day :D
I woke up with a positive attitude and am managing to stop negative thoughts before they start or at least respond to the negative thought with a positive one. The Black Dog isn't in his kennel just yet, he's trotting along at my heel giving out a warning growl every now and again but I soon shut him up with a positive thought or change of action.
Today is a good day :D

I'm kinda glad that today isn't a running day because the heat is just too much to run in at the moment - it's probably not much hotter than 25 degrees but that sun is hoooooot, plus we live in the Scottish Highlands so anything over 15 degrees has us sweltering.
So, the perfect job for a hot day when hubby, the daughters and one of the daughters boyfriends are all at home?
Cleaning out this:

Usually we do it once a year as all the reeds start to grow but last year we didn't do it at all so it's full of reeds that are threatening to smother the Lillies.
Although I say 'we' cleared it out I actually mean Wayne got in the pond and pulled out all the reeds, put them into the boat and then towed them to the edge where I emptied it - no way am I getting in there. I've seen the Lizards that chase you (though Wayne insists they're just newts) and it houses some species of giant people eating frogs plus the insects in there look like they're on steroids and have some serious pincers.
Leanne helped by sunbathing whilst shouting out warnings to me about the Frogs that were stalking me.
Stacey helped by being major brave and getting in the pond with the dogs to cool them down. Hilarious to watch a Cairn Terrier jump in after a huge football, somehow manage to get a teeth lock on it and swim back to the bank with it. The damn ball was twice the size of the dog.
As for Staceys boyfriend, well he helped move all those darn reeds once I'd managed to get them out the boat - he's a good lad!
Still not finished though we have one more day of clearing to do in there and then we can make ideas to improve the banks :)

And the best bit of news today ......................drum roll............................ It's heeeeeeeere...............

Insanity has arrived at the Claxson household :D  and I couldn't be happier. I'm all ready to start it on Monday and am ready for the burn and the pain and the nauseous feeling and ..oh yeah....the pain!

Today is a good day :)


  1. After watching some YouTube clips of Insanity, I'm not sure whether I'd be excited about it arriving or petrified!

    The results look amazing but... I don't think I've seen a class that looks that difficult - more points to you for doing it though, good luck and let us know how it's going!

    1. Did the fit test today - just the warm up had me knackered. Loved doing the test though and can't wait to get going on the workout tomorrow.
      I'll be bloggin regularly about it because if I can manage it at 5 stone overweight I think there are many people who could do it but are convinced they can't :)

      Having said all that - yes, I am a little petrified. :D