Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Today I decided! I decided on 2 separate things (though one of those things requires a further decision I haven't quite made yet).

Firstly, I have 2 dogs that I used to run with - a Great Dane and a GSD. Lately the most exercise the dogs have got is free run on 4 acres of land all day. That may sound like plenty and they're certainly knackered at the end of it but I've noticed just lately that the GSD, Atlas, spends 10 minutes haring around like a nutter and then spends the rest of the day on a high piece of ground pretending to guard the place while he lays down.
The Great Dane, Huntly, is recovering from ripping a toe nail completely out. His exercise had to be limited because the quik kept bleeding until eventually it dropped off. His new nail is now coming through so today I decided to get them both back into running.
First out was Huntly. I did a 2 mile circuit with him but because their pads need to harden I could only do a little bit of running with him.
As for Atlas, well I did 3 miles with him, all at a walk. This dog is fat. I can't believe how much condition he has lost and he really didn't appear to enjoy this walk so no way was I going to run him.
But this is just the start. I will be taking them out 5 times a week and gradually getting them both back into it. Running with Huntly is especially fun cos he pulls me the entire way lol. It may seem like cheating but then when I run without him my fitness levels have peaked to a point where I can run way faster than before - looking forward to getting back there.

My 2nd decision involves either P90X, Insanity or Billy Blanks PT 24/7. I know I'm going to try one but I just don't know which just yet.
I love Tae Bo and have done Billys DVDs before, in fact I have still have some, but I want the structure of set DVDs. My only concern is the bands, I've read negative reports about the gloves being badly made and ripping and that the bands aren't as good for shorter people. I'm 5ft 4, does that make me short??
Insanity looks well....Insane. I love the different exercises, they look motivational and interesting which is what I need plus no other equipment needed - that's always good. Plus I like the Plyometrics - good for runners.  My only problem is I'm not sure how much room this one needs.
P90X - this one has always interested me. I love the concept behind it but I'm worried it may be too much for me to start with.

I've been checking out the fabulous website 'Fit bottomed girls' and they've done reviews for most DVD workouts. I did get a tad sidetracked and started looking at other workouts but it's definitely gonna be one of the above. Big decision - which??


  1. I wish I had the money to try one of those!!

  2. Erm, well I haven't quite told hubby about it yet lol. I feel guilty because I've been through the DVD fad, I have tons of exercise equipment and I'm not usually the most dedicated of people so he may see it as a waste of money.
    The way I see it is I can pay monthly and they offer a full money back guarantee if you don't like after 60 days - can't go wrong can I. Mind you, I'm not really one for sending stuff back either lol.
    Haven't decided which one to get yet then I shall have to break it to hubby. lol.