Monday, 23 July 2012

Taking care!

Carrying on from my last post about skin care products I thought I would share my favourite moisturisers with you.
I've really enjoyed researching the products that y'all recommend lately and am going to try a couple of new products to see how they work for me. However at the moment these are the products I use that I have found over several years are perfect for my skin type.

Liz Earles 'Skin repair moisturiser' is, for me, THE best moisturiser I have ever tried - and I've tried many!
Most moisturisers leave me with either spots or painful lumps on my skin, even on the dry areas and because I have combination skin I have different needs for different areas. This particular product can be used on my entire face and has never ever left me feeling greasy or spotty.
It soaks in immediately but leaves a feeling of suppleness to the skin.
If you're one of those ladies like me that can't understand why your eye/face moisturiser that you put on at night leaves you with puffy eyes in the morning, it's because your nightime moisturiser does not need to be as thick and rich as your daytime one. Because your skin is not under external influences at night the skin doesn't need to absorb it and use it quite the same as daytime and this is what creates those puffy morning eyes. For years I was using a different moisturiser for daytime & nightime but now I have found this one I can use it day & night and it's incredible.
With ingredients such as Wheatgerm Oil, Borage Oil, Echinacea, Vitamin E & Avocado Oil (among others) this product is full of natural ingredients and is not tested on animals. :)

L'occitane hand cream is also one of the best I have ever tried. I suffer from dry, chappy hands because I spend so much time outside in the garden and doing manual landwork.
This hand cream is one of the few I have found that soaks in and doesn't leave you with a greasy feeling afterwards. It's a thick cream /paste and the shea butter ingredient is well known for its moisturising properties.
My only concern with this product is that L'occitane do test on animals and as such I will not be replacing the tube I bought (that lasted me months longer than any other product) but will be trying other products and hopefully find one that works just as well.

Again, this is a L'occitane product and although it's not really a moisturiser it is a body milk. The smell is absolutely gorgeous (Rose) and it lasts in the body for a long time. I haven't tried the other scents in the L'occitane collection as Rose is my favourite scent.
This really is a milky consistency - maybe a tad thicker - and it soaks into the skin beautifully without having to use too much product.

So they are pretty much the only moisturisers I use. I am looking into replacing the L'occitane ones with another product that doesn't test on animals but it's such a shame that L'occitane cannot work this out for themselves as their products really are divine!

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