Saturday, 25 May 2013

Those weightloss bonuses

I'm currently at a loss of 10lb in this weight loss journey and I've noticed a couple of weird things
  1. I now know what it feels like to have an empty belly. That may sound strange but as an ex comfort eater I never really allowed myself to be truly hungry. Don't get me wrong there were so many times when I thought I was Hank Marvin (starving) but I can see now that on a scale of one to 10 I probably wasn't even at a 5. It's kinda pretty cool to have an empty stomach and not feel the need to fill it.
  2. The coolest thing - Us 'not so slim' girls have probably all been there, you're in the bath and reach forward for the soap or whatever and you reach and reach and reach and nope, you can't quite make it cos the jelly roll gets in the way so you have to scooch forward until your face is literally touching the end so you can get what you need. Well I can now reach without scooching and it's a fabulous feeling.
  3. The healthiest thing - I have suffered with acid reflux for as long as I can remember. I get it every single day and it can be so dibilitating. I've always assumed it was caused by my medication as it's listed as a side effect so I just accept it. Not any more - in the 28 days of Dietbet I did not suffer with acid reflux once and I cannot even begin to explain how nice that is.
  4.  The ickiest thing - IBS - how many of us suffer from it? After being diagnosed with this about 20 years ago I was told to basically figure out what causes it and stop eating it - simple as that. I would love it if it had been that easy because whereas some sufferers go to the loo alot with it I hardly went at all - once a week on a good week - so not a comfortable feeling. Anyway I haven't been bloated for the entire 28 days and thanks to the Shreddies for breakfast and cutting out wheat in bread I am now regular as clock work.

I'm just looking forward to all the other benefits of weightloss as they show themselves.

Here's my Dietbet weigh in and weigh out photos - just 10lb down and I already see an improvement on the bulldog arms

According to this useless information poster I have lost the amount of chemical additives that an American consumes in a year.

Managed a 4 mile trail run with Leanne today. The weather was quite warm though and caught me unawares so I didn't have water to hand - have to make sure that doesn't happen again it wasn't a pleasant experience.
I'm still getting either numb feet or cramped feet halfway into the run and I really can't figure out what is causing it. I thought maybe my trainers but I tried 2 other pairs and I get the same thing, I really need to figure this out because running with no feeling or running in excruciating pain is beginning to wear a little.
I'm really working on my breathing as I run too. If I breathe through the chest it's a sure fire way to suffer with side stitch so I'm attempting to perfect the art (and it is a flippin art) of breathing through my diaphragm. The difference is amazing, since breathing this way I have not suffered from stitch and even if I forget to breathe properly and a stitch begins to show itself diaphragm breathing settles it right back down.
I once read in a running magazine that diaphragm breathing is our natural way to breathe and that we learn the habit of chest breathing as we get older. As an example the article suggested watching a baby breathe when it's lying on its back - it's the stomach you will see move not the chest. My husband is the only person I know that still naturally breathes through the diaphragm and not the chest.

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