Sunday, 26 May 2013

Weigh day!

I was dreading weighing in today! I'd been pretty good with food during the week, just the odd 'treat' and I had one day of a sicky bug but I thought the weekends food consumption would add a pound or so on. I didn't eat lots but what I did eat wasn't healthy - egg and chips, homemade curry, a couple of slices of Pizza, a couple of pieces of cake - you get the picture.
2.2lb LOSS though when I stepped on the scales today. i guess the running and all the gardening I'm doing is paying off. That brings my total to 12.2lbs - just 1.8lb to my first 1stone.

I've decided I need a challenge to keep me motivated. I'm training for a couple of 10k's but I need something that will challenge me to exercise every day, even it's just walking. I do gardening most days and I'm active round the house but I need something to get me moving with purpose - I'll let you know what I come up with.
Perhaps something like this to start with

Or maybe Les Mills 'Bodycombat' - I have the LM BB workout, I just need to create some space that will allow me to do the moves. My last BB workout 'Insanity' didn't require much space but 'Body combat' looks like it does - have YOU done LM 'Body Combat'?

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