Saturday, 15 June 2013


2 weeks into my second Dietbet challenge and I have another loss on the scales. I really wasn't expecting it this week as I ate some rubbish during the week that I really shouldn't have. I can only assume that as the actual meals I eat are healthy it off set the cakes and chocolate, I'm not repeating that style of eating this week though as the last few days and the thought of having to weigh myself have been blinkin awful.
The first week of this Dietbet I lost 5.6lbs and then this week I lost 2.8lbs so that's a total of 8.4lbs in 2 weeks - 99% of my total loss needed for Dietbet with 2 weeks still left to go.

Running is pretty hit and miss at the moment. Leanne and I seem to gravitate to the 4 mile trail run in the forest but we need to get back out onto the road and see if we have improved - I'm hoping that the intense hills of the trail run will have helped our strength for the flat.

The forestry commission seem to have added a few new paths so that we get to run in the actual forest but they're quite up and down, narrow and very loose underfoot so we tried it once and decided to avoid them in future

Our first 10k of the year is on 21st July - mine and Waynes 23rd wedding anniversary - so we're looking forward to using that one as a practice for the Loch Ness 10k in September and to give ourselves a time to improve on. There's another local 10k on 23rd July if we feel up to it after the first one but we'll have to wait and see.

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