Saturday, 29 June 2013

Weigh day.

Well I managed to win the latest Dietbet challenge by the skin of my teeth. I actually didn't think I'd made it until I checked online to remind myself what my goal weight was and found I'd hit it spot on, by the time I'd made it back upstairs to the scales with the camera and my verification word I'd actually lost another 1/2lb - cool!
There's another Dietbet challenge beginning Monday 1st July which I'll probably sign up for and then after that one I'll give them a rest while I concentrate on another round of Insanity.

Anyway according to this useless information poster I have now lost the equivalent of a Sperm Whales brain! Don't know what a person is supposed to do with that information but there it is

Leanne and I headed out for a 3 mile uphill forest run yesterday. The rain held off all day until the minute we needed to run, still it was nice to run in the rain just wish it had kept the midges at bay! The run was abysmal to be honest, neither of us had eaten all day so by 4.30pm we had nothing in the tank to get us round a demanding course. We both got stitch immediately (I have never had stitch before) so it ended up being a run when we can run - won't be doing that again!


  1. Hi Linda, we have something in common. I lost a sperm whale's brain, too...LoL. I really love that chart. Congratulations on the weight loss and winning your Dietbet challenge. Woohoo!!!

  2. Hi Linda - another Linda here that found you through Rachael's blog and the wonderful information poster/chart. Great job on winning your Dietbet challenge too! :)