Saturday, 1 June 2013

Dietbet and running

Day 1 of the new Dietbet challenge I have joined. I was a bit miffed to find that I'd put 4lb on in a week but when I was realistic and looked at what I'd eaten this past week I'm quite surprised it wasn't more.
Anyway there's still time for new players to join in on Sunshines Dietbet game, the stake is $25 (approx £16) and the fund pot currently stands at $20,850.00, so it's worth a go - I won about $48 on the last game.

Having not run at all last week despite my being adamant that I would I knew I needed to start this challenge as I mean to go on so Leanne and I headed out for a 4 mile trail run today. Unfortunately Leanne suffered from stitch almost immediately so we had to run in between the bouts of stitch but we think it's probably because she ran on empty, it seems Leanne doesn't get stitch if she eats before running whereas I have to run on empty - different strokes for different folks though right.

On the upside my cheap 'Pulse sonic' heart rate monitor actually seemed to manage to keep some kind of track for the first time ever - my heart seemed to range from 130 when fast walking to 186 when running. I was quite relieved to see that my heart rate returns to normal very quickly too.
On the downside though I don't know how to use all the other functions such as calories burned or stopwatch etc - I must dig the instructions out.

Here's some of the trails we ran

Food intake today has been minimal to say the least, I've just been too busy. I had a Nature valley bar at lunch time followed by one after we ran and then dinner consisted of a Pasta n sauce with added ham - that's it. I'm about to tuck into grapes but I haven't eaten enough today or drank enough for that matter.
Must do better.


  1. Hi, I like your blog. Those pictures turned out great. I wanted to ask if it would be okay if I use your, 'What have you lost chart' on your May 25th post? If I have your permission I will certainly mention your blog to let everyone know where I got it.

    1. Sure Rachael, help yourself and thank you for popping by :)