Thursday, 4 July 2013


I'm seriously hooked on Asparagus!
Last nights supper - Grilled Chicken, Potato, Onion/Tomato/Cucumber salad and loads of Asparagus.

3 mile forest run today with Leanne, we need to start getting back out on the roads and do a little less hill work cos my legs aren't recovering.

I haven't joined in with another Dietbet just yet because I'm going to start another round of Insanity and I know there's a chance of a weight increase to start with because I tend to retain fluid with this workout.
I've so missed Insanity though and cannot wait to begin this round knowing that I've dropped 18lb since the last one.


  1. Your dinner looks great and very healthy. One of my daughters said she could barely get through that insanity workout and she's like a size 7 and in great shape. If it was hard on her, I doubt I'd even survive it... LoL. That's wonderful that you can keep up with it, though... awesome!

  2. That's the great thing about Insanity Rachael. It doesn't matter what size you are because it's 99% mental attitude. I never ever failed to complete a workout because it's a trap I didn't want to fall in to but I am a few stone overweight so they were extremely hard workouts. The trick is to compete against yourself each day NOT the guys on screen with Shaun T, no way could I keep up with them lol.
    Honestly, you could do it. the first couple of weeks are hard but then the improvements become obvious and you actually want to get up and workout :)
    I love it!