Friday, 26 July 2013


So I'm recovering from this slipped disc slowly, I've started walking with the dogs to get some exercise but I'm still cautious as I don't want to set myself back again.
I missed the last two 10k runs so that's 3 I've missed this year and as there's only 5 in total each year within a 2 hour driving distance I only have 2 left.
The next one is a new one to the area and is 10k around a new windfarm in September so that's the one I'm now aiming for, if I continue to recover this way I think I can start running again in a week or so and hopefully start Insanity in a few more weeks - I'll also be starting the next dietbet challenge at the beginning of August as I'm afraid I didn't make the healthiest food choices over the last couple of weeks.

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  1. I like these graphs - so true! Hope you are feeling 100% soon and encouraged to continue your journey - both your running and diet.