Sunday, 8 September 2013

Mizuno Wave Inspire 7

After Thursdays disastrous run I was determined to get back in the groove on Fridays run. Leanne and I decided to head out without Wayne just to prove that we were capable of a decent run by ourselves and that it wasn't just Waynes presence that was making us run without stopping.
Seems it actually IS Waynes presence that keeps us going.
We started off well (as usual), we ran the forest track anti clockwise to reduce the hills and we were going great guns for the first 3 k, then I made an excuse to stop. Yes, I admit it, it was an excuse. I did have tight running shoes and I did need to loosen them a tad but to be honest I could have continued with them as they were. Once I had stopped I struggled to get going again and stopped within another 10 minutes - we pretty much walked from that point on and felt like crap because we knew we were going to have to explain ourselves to Wayne who's put all this effort in to help us get to this point.
I considered not telling him but I've never ever lied to Wayne and I don't intend to start over something so trivial, instead I threw myself on his mercy and claimed I just cannot run without him lol. Hey, don't judge - it worked!
Following our pathetic run Wayne suggested that maybe I should enter him for both the 10k's we're doing this month just to ensure we get round, he's now officially running the Baillie windfarm 10k on the 15th and the Baxters Loch Ness 10k on 29th.

I think we should maybe take a break from running the forest tracks because I think we're over doing the hills, the problem is it's such a nice place to run

That ground is pretty tough to run on as it's so slippy, hence why Leanne is walking lol.

The start! Fabulous scenery.

This is where the hills get hard.

Remember those new trainers I said I bought - the Mizuno Wave Inspire 7? They arrived!
They looked fabulous in the box and I really didn't want to disturb them from their packaging. This is the first pair of Mizuno trainers I've ever owned so I'm looking forward to trying them tonight but first impressions walking around in them is that they're very comfortable. They feel bigger than the Asics and the Saucony and I think I would have got away with a 6 or a 6.5 and not actually needed to size up as you do with the other two.
Due to them being stability shoes they feel slightly off centre when I walk in them so I'm intrigued to see how comfortable they're going to be to run in.
The only thing I don't particularly like is the Mizuno badge - for some reason it reminds me of Flash Gordons badge which then gives them a tacky kind of feel - just me I know.

Flash a .. ahhh! Still just me?

Weird heels, see how long before they start coming apart.

The mesh holes are bigger than Asics and Saucony but hopefully they won't be weaker.

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