Monday, 23 September 2013

Weigh day - eek!

I got up this morning and completely forgot I was supposed to weigh myself, once I realised my mistake I almost - almost - convinced myself that it would wait until tomorrow morning but for once that 'good' voice was the loudest and was telling me that I was just making excuses, I hadn't had a cup of tea or even cereal by this point so I couldn't even use that as an excuse.
So I put my on my big girls pants (had to do that a lot lately), headed back upstairs, stripped off and jumped on the scales. At first I couldn't look down at the number, I kinda knew I'd put weight on cos of all the bingeing I've done over the past month or so and when I was finally brave enough to look  I was kind of squinting out of one eye as if that would some how effect the numbers at my feet.
I've never actually posted my weight on my blog because I'm worried that people I know may read it and it's a scary thought that they'll know my actual weight in numbers but I know that by keeping it a secret I'm not really facing it 100%. So with that in mind I'm going to post my weekly weight along with any losses or gains and hope that my family will be respectful enough not to mention it.
So as of today 23/09/2013 I weigh 205lbs. Yes it makes me obese (though I don't feel it) and obviously that's a serious health issue but I really never thought of myself as in that category - I run regular, I'm active all day most days, I build things outside and I even completed 'Insanity' when I was 14lbs heavier than I am now. Yes my current weight makes me feel awkward and uncomfortable but 'obese'?
Anyway whatever the health recommendations are regarding weight and what is healthy the amazing thing with todays weigh in is that although I've binged for a month or so I weigh exactly the same as I did when I last weighed myself a month ago - no way did I think that was possible.

The first image is me at my heaviest when I did my first 'Dietbet' challenge, the second image is me at my current weight and 15lbs lighter (scuse the dodgy hair).

I decided today that I needed to join another 'Dietbet' challenge to help keep me focused and motivated so I joined 'The Jillian Michaels Dietbet' and paid my $30 (£19) stake. There are alot of players in this challenge (currently 5406) but the pot money reflects this (currently $162,180) and everyone who manages their 4% weightloss in 28 days will get a share of that.
I had a minor panic after joining when I realised I'd need to weigh myself again so that I could take the necessary pictures of my weight and my secret word - I was worried my first weigh in was going to be completely wrong and I'd have put 15lbs back on in the space of an hour. But nope, my weight was exactly the same - I was super chuffed.

We haven't been out for a run for 2 days now, things keep getting in the way but I've been active all day outside dismantling pallets so at least I burned a few calories that way.
Tomorrow we should be heading out for an easy run though I suspect Mr SG will turn it into a speed run as he has a tendency to do.
We're only going to get a maximum of 3 more runs in before Sundays 10k because I don't want to run for 2 days before the race, I find I run better after a couple of days off.


  1. Linda! You have a good voice and a bad voice too!! I think a lot of us do. Brave girl. Good girl. Honest girl. You are still way ahead of me with fitness. And no, you don't look that weight at all!

  2. I'm with you. I have decided to turn off the watch when I'm not using it to save the battery life. I didn't realise when I bought it that you don't replace the battery, so eventually it will be no good anymore. 1000 recharges they say so that's around 20 years worth.

  3. I have always been tempted to try Diet Bet, but I am nervous that I would fail! But I bet it does help with motivation.