Friday, 3 January 2014

working on that date!

Well the time is nearly nigh!
I promised myself that after the past few months of piggin out on pretty much whatever I wanted and NOT exercising, I would set myself a date in January where I would start back on a clean eating programme alongside some kind of exercise.
I'm eager to start running again and now that my foot is pretty much heeled I think I would be able to cope with it however my heart is set on Insanity again.
I suffer with awful back problems every day and have done ever since I first prolapsed a disc when I was about 17 but the one exercise programme that I have found to work and alleviate that pain is 'Insanity' - which is strange considering it's an intense workout programme. I'm guessing it must be the daily yoga style stretches that Shaun T incorporates into the programme that is doing most of the help but I think all the core work also helps to protect my back.
The date isn't set yet as I have something to get out of the way first but this month will definitely be the start - though it's NOT one of those dreaded resolutions!

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  1. Every time I see that Insanity infomercial on TV I feel so bad ass. Lol. Good for you! all that core work helps my husband's back too. He started with basic pilates and now can do all kinds of things - Insanity being one of them. Go you!