Monday, 13 January 2014

You know you need to lose weight when

1) Despite only filling the bath tub 1/4 deep it still spills and sloshes over the side when you lie down in it.
2) You find yourself reaching for a night gown at night because the elastic in your huge PJ's just will not stretch any further.
3) You find yourself reaching for a night gown at night because you are suddenly very aware that your PJ top appears to go no lower than your boobs.
4) Walking past a full length mirror you notice the 10 second time lapse between your stomach appearing and the rest of you.
5) Attempting chin to chest exercises is pointless because your chin is permanently sitting on your chest.
6) When attempting any dance that involves a twisting action you notice that your stomach takes 10 seconds to catch up with the direction you're currently going.
7) It really isn't the double thickness trousers causing your legs to rub.
8) Doing up shoelaces means you literally have to hold your breath for 10 seconds due to the bulk preventing you from breathing properly.
9) Your side of the bed looks decidedly lower than the side of the 'lighter' person.
10) You find yourself scrutinising the stability and rigidity of every chair before you dare to sit down.
11) You stand wherever possible.

All things that I have been having to consider of late and ask myself whether I want things to get worse or want things to get better.
I'm opting for better as always and as as such I have once again stepped foot onto that carousel that calls itself 'weightloss'.
Healthy eating is the plan - Day1 today - NO dieting! I am hoping to track all my food on this blog but we all know how that usually ends up - either I don't log stuff or I only log the good stuff. I'm going to be 100% realistic on this journey though, I am not expecting that slim svelte 8st girl that i once was, I'm a realist i can handle 8.5st!!! just kidding!!! I'd be happy to just get to a weight where I'm comfortable and where I don't mind having my photo taken.
I began Insanity with my daughter today but haven't taken a weight check so I will have to do that tomorrow morning but I'm definitely going to be sharing it on here this time - no more hiding behind numbers.

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