Thursday, 23 January 2014

Insanity workout - so addictive

Don't let this passive relaxing image fool you into thinking Insanity'Cardio recovery' is easy.

This is what you'll look like by the end

Insanity is insane y'all!
Nearing the end of week 2 and we're still loving it. There's been a couple of times where we've had to double up the workout because we missed the day befores workout and I so do not recommend it! One Insanity workout is hard enough but two is almost impossible, we figured we would double up on the Thursday (yesterday) due to it being 'Cardio Recovery' day but don't let the name fool you into thinking Shaun T goes easy on you for one day - he doesn't! While 'Cardio Recovery' may not be the usual jumping in the air, gasping for breath routine the rest of the week entails it certainly isn't my definition of recovery either - it's hard!
The message here is that Insanity needs to be done on a daily basis, try not to miss a workout but if something happens to prevent a workout do not double up unless you are super fit in the first place - it got to the point where Leanne and I could not even lift our legs and although we finished evey single workout I don't for one minute think we did those double ups to the best of our ability simply because we were doubling up.
You may think this is sounding all too tiring to try, Insanity sounds waaaaaay to difficult to even bother pressing play but I guarantee you, if you try it you will love it and a couple of weeks in you will find a sick sense of satisfaction watching that sweat puddle appear on the floor. Pressing play is always difficult - especially when you know how hard the workout is (Yup, I ain't gonna lie it's hard) but you will never regret it I promise you that.

I finally got around to weighing myself one week late. I was supposed to do it the day I started Insanity but kept forgetting so finally remembered on Tuesday. I never used to post my weight on this blog, just the amount I had to lose but I've decided I need to face it head on and to do that I need to be accountable for my weight. So with that in mind on 21/01/2014 I weighed 213.2lb. It seems like such a huge number when I write it down, especially as I was under 200lb before christmas but I'm looking forward to watching the number drop again and I'll be adding some kind of weight charts to this blog once I manage to find what I'm looking for.

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