Friday, 7 February 2014

Dairy milk chocolate!

So we're coming toward the end of the 4th week of 'Insanity' and I'm really excited about starting a whole new round of workouts once we complete next weeks recovery week.
So far Insanity has been insane and amazingly hard work but we've loved each and every workout and let's face it, who ever regrets working out!
Both Leanne and I saw fantastic improvements in our second fit test. I'm not sure whether the improvments are from fitness levels though or the determination to beat our last result so I'm going to do the next fit test without checking out my current results first and see what happens.
One thing I have noticed though is that all the moves I find difficult and put down to me being over weight and 40 something leanne finds difficult too and yet she's super slim and 20 years younger. I don't know what that proves other than no matter what size or age you are Insanity doesn't care!

Now if I could just get a handle on my food intake I'd be on track for super weight loss. I do fine during the day and eat perfect proportions and healthy meals but then Mr SG comes home (who happens to be super skinny and fit) and suddenly I'm craving sweet things :(  I've also discovered that night time is an issue for me as well because I tend to want to settle in front of the tv with chocolate - especially with the cold dark nights.
I came up with a plan to keep me busy at night while watching tv - I've ordered some wool and needles and I'm going to be knitting baby clothes for my niece/god daughter who's expecting her first child. It's been a while since I clicked the old needles but I'm hoping I haven't lost the skill :)

I also have a new good reason to lose weight, we're looking into booking our holidays with our dear friends back home in England. We're not sure where it's going to be just yet but we should be hitting the Caribbean this time next year. This time last year the four of us were in Jamaica and there are certain things I regret all of which have roots in my weight. Holidays are so expensive nowadays that it seems stupid to pay all that money and not do all I can to make sure that I'm not uncomfortable and self conscious.
With this in mind I'm yet again trying to be more aware of what I'm eating, I can control portions no problem but I have to conquer this sweet tooth.

This is my achilles heel *Warning food porn ***

I could easily eat one of the family size large bars each and every day. In fact I could and have given up meals just so I can eat one of the large bars, not good is it! Especially as I get a pounding, racing heart after eating it - the nurse explained it's my body over producing something or other in an attempt to battle something the chocolate secretes. She also said I need to stop eating huge quantities - I completely understand how people hit the 600lb mark even though they know the food they eat is killing them!

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  1. a holiday is great motivation to work toward your goals! Oooh Cadbury...achilles tendon indeed!