Thursday, 10 April 2014


I came across a particular website many years ago when I was once again fighting depression, until now I had forgotten all about it but it appeared in my recent google searches while looking for mind/thought help to combat all these negative feelings I have.
The site is called 'Moodgym'

"MoodGYM is an interactive program designed to help you:
  • Identify whether you are having problems with emotions like anxiety and depression,
  • Learn skills that can help you cope with these emotions.
MoodGYM is based on two programs which are successful in preventing and treating depression and anxiety. These are: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Interpersonal Therapy."

It's a free to use interactive site where you complete various assessments to assess your current state of thinking and helps you to understand the destructive impact it has on your day to day life, it then helps to teach you how to re-programme the brain into looking at situations differently and thinking differently thereby increasing positive thought while banishing the negative.
Again it's a slow process but I'm already enlightened after only a couple of exercises. I know that depression is a strong force in me and I'm usually able to recognise when the Black dog (depression) is snarling and when he's just assertively watching. To be honest I didn't think I was particularly depressed of late, that is until I started answering the interactive questions on Moodgym and now I can see that while I may not feel particularly weepy or sad right now, the feeling of nothing is another symptom of the Black dog and my interactive results really opened my eys to this.

My Moodgym result for the "Depression test"  was in the "High to very high range" and my results for the "Anxiety test" were in "The middle range" (basically no different to the average person).

Like I said I was surprised at the depression result, I didn't realise that some of the things I think were depressive symptoms though I can now see how negative they are.
I'm certainly looking forward to learning to cope with these thoughts and hopefully they will eventually help me to lose weight.


  1. I'm sorry to hear that you've been battling with depression. If there is one thing I have learned about it is that depression is insidious. It happens gradually and you don't notice until you're deep into it. Although once you've experienced it, it might be easier to notice the first signs.

    My first and more efficient weapon against depression is to exercise. Oftentimes I don't feel like it, but it does work, so I keep at it. :-)

    That sounds like an interesting website, I will take a look.

    1. Unfortunately depression has been around in one form or another my entire life, it's only now in later life though that I'm learning how to deal with it.
      I totally agree with you that exercise is one of the best weapons against depression, those feel good endorphins certainly lift the mood somewhat.
      Hope you can make use of the website :)