Friday, 26 April 2013


So far today has been a bit of a struggle.
This mornings run turned into a walk with no running at all but it was my fault, I tried to rope an uninterested daughter in to stand in for my other daughter while she's at work (and who actually enjoys running). I needed the extra hand because I haven't yet got the hang of running with the Great Dane (he can't run in a straight line and is very easily distracted) let alone adding a GSD (who needs to lose weight as much as myself) into the mix. I tried to convince my daughter that she'd enjoy a 6.30am run but it was falling on deaf ears and by the time we'd made it out the door with both the dogs (7am) I had to accept that running was not this daughters forte.

With scenery like this to run along though I don't understand how you couldn't be enthused and motivated

Little Miss SG (who actually is slim) was happy to take a photo of myself and Huntly running though

That looks like a mighty uncomfortable running style doesn't it? It is! Even though it doesn't look like I'm going any faster than a walk there, I was, honest!

Here's my daughter with Atlas - future training buddy (the dog, certainly not the daughter).

The main struggle came today at lunch time. I made sure I had a suitable breakfast as soon as we got back from the fake run this morning but by lunch time I was literally craving chocolate, this is the first time since I started Dietbet that I've had this issue and I think it was triggered last night when Mr SG took me to the flix to watch 'Ironman 3' and I hadn't really prepared myself for coming face to face with the sweet stands.
Initially I just used tunnel vision, got our tickets, a small popcorn and a bottle of water but Mr SG forgot the 3d glasses from the car and by the time he got back I was glued to the chocolate.
It took everything I had but I walked away form it last night but I think it was still on my mind today and I confused hunger pangs with a need or craving for chocolate.
For a split second I was up for giving in on Dietbet, having Pizza with Mr SG and then stuffing chocolate down my gullet, thankfully though the urge for that passed and I quickly cooked this up instead

Salmon and mushroom grilled on the George Foreman, salad and Banana. Mr SG thought the Banana idea was yucky with a dinner but let me tell you. Salmon and Banana is my new favourite combination.
The chocolate craving has disappeared now and I am so relieved that I didn't tuck into that Pizza.

Tomorrow isn't a running day because today was supposed to be and I'll be doing a run on Sunday (possibly a trail run) but I think I'll have to either run alone or use the treadmill to make up for todays stroll.

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